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To loose or not to loose?

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Hotwheels on the loose

Hotwheels on the loose

Before I post my first hotwheels car from my HW collection, I have this difficulty to decide whether to remove these beautiful cars from its card or not? Things like, if I remove it from the card the cars will lose its value but in return each of my post will be boring as most collectors leave their cars in its packaging.

Now I’m thinking, since I’m a blogger and wanted my site somehow to be unique and visitors will have a reason to visit it, I will settle down on loosing these cars from its packaging. I guess the main reason that I’m confused because part of me wanted to sell these cars in the future to gain more moneyJ.  We’ll maybe for Super Treasure Hunts, HW Limited Editions and Errors will remain in its packaging.

So sit back and relax as this blog is not only for my basketball cards PC but will also showcase hotwheels.

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