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Uncle Drew, Lights and Betty Lou – Uncle Drew Pepsi Max Commercial

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Kyrie Irving is back with his latest installment of Uncle Drew series and this time the Chapter 3 episode.

In Chapter 3, Uncle Drew convinces Lights to head back down to the park and find his groove again, despite Betty Lou doing everything she can to stop the old man from breaking a bone. Uncle Drew and Lights start flowing again like the good ol’ days before Betty Lou nearly stops the game, scolding them for disobeying. From there, someone insults her and she gets in on the action.

In real life, it appears that it was Nate Robinson who persuaded Kyrie to make him part of the new video.

Dime: How did you get involved with Uncle Drew?
Nate Robinson: Funny story, I got involved by just watching, laughing and joking about it. I thought i’d be a good supporting actor in the commercial. I saw Kyrie at a game at the free throw line and I was like “Man what’s up with that Uncle Drew, I’m tryna be down with the commercial.” He was shooting a free throw and I kept bugging him. I hit him on Twitter one time too and then met up with him again in New York and he was like “Man, can you stay in character?” I was like “Come on man, it’s me you’re talking too.” It was pretty cool. I’m excited.

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