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Gordon Hayward – 2012/13 Panini Innovation Stained Glass

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Gordon Hayward Innovation Stained Glass Front

Gordon Hayward Innovation Stained Glass Front

This card reminds me of the window which you can commonly see in Cathedrals. It has a classical design and look at the font they have used, looks like from medieval age. As usual, since this card is partly transparent, sort of like an acetate, then it’s now part of my favorite set.

Gordon Hayward Innovation Stained Glass Back

Gordon Hayward Innovation Stained Glass Back

Gordon Hayward – 2012/13 Panini Crusade Prizm (Blue)

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Gordon Hayward Crusade Prizm Blue

Gordon Hayward Crusade Prizm Blue

Always love the design of 2013/14 Panini Crusade Prizm and the one I got on top is Gordon Hayward’s Prizm Blue version. As you can see on the left part portion of the card there is a blue dragon and this is where you can find the variations if you’re also chasing for the rainbow (set).

Gordon Hayward Crusade Prizm Blue

Gordon Hayward Crusade Prizm Blue

Gordon Hayward – 2013/14 Hoops Base Card (Red Back)

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Gordon Hayward Hoops (Red Back)

Gordon Hayward Hoops (Red Back)

Hey! Do I get doubles for Hayward’s base card? (Flipped the card) Whoa! This is the short print version. Each pack of Panini 2013/14 NBA Hoops has three red back cards to offer, we can consider this one as rare but not that valuable rare ;).

Gordon Hayward – 2013/14 Hoops Base Card (Gold)

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Gordon Hayward Hoops (Gold)

Gordon Hayward Hoops (Gold)

This is the first variation I have obtained for Gordon Hayward’s 2013/14 NBA Hoops base card. The card is similar to its base card except that this one has a gold border apart from that, everything looks the same.

Gordon Hayward – 2013/14 Hoops Base Card

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Gordon Hayward Hoops

Gordon Hayward Hoops

Only two weeks ago when Panini has released its first product for 2013/14 season the NBA Hoops Basketball. Today I have received from tntnorthnj the base card of my PC player, the number 20 from the Utah Jazz, Gordon Hayward.

Panini is boasting that this product is full of action shots and for this base card, looks like Hayward is on the way for a dunk or a layup or possibly grabbing a rebound.

Gordon Hayward Hoops Back

Gordon Hayward Hoops Back

The base card has variations like Gold, Red Back, Artist’s Proof, and Artist’s Proof Black which is the true 1/1. So let the chase for the rainbow begins.

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Bonus Shots Materials

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Michael Carter-Williams - Bonus Shots

Michael Carter-Williams – Bonus Shots

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularPrime
1Bonus Shots MaterialsJared SullingerBoston CelticsNN25
2Bonus Shots MaterialsPaul PierceBrooklyn NetsNN25
3Bonus Shots MaterialsBrandon BassBoston CelticsNN25
4Bonus Shots MaterialsLarry BirdBoston CelticsNN10
5Bonus Shots MaterialsRajon RondoBoston CelticsNN25
6Bonus Shots MaterialsReggie LewisBoston CelticsNN20
7Bonus Shots MaterialsAvery BradleyBoston CelticsNN25
8Bonus Shots MaterialsDee BrownBoston CelticsNN25
9Bonus Shots MaterialsZaza PachuliaMilwaukee BucksNN20
10Bonus Shots MaterialsJeff TeagueAtlanta HawksNN20
11Bonus Shots MaterialsJohn JenkinsAtlanta HawksNN25
12Bonus Shots MaterialsGerald WallaceBoston CelticsNN20
13Bonus Shots MaterialsNeneWashington WizardsNN20
14Bonus Shots MaterialsBrook LopezBrooklyn NetsNN10
15Bonus Shots MaterialsMichael Kidd-GilchristCharlotte BobcatsNN25
16Bonus Shots MaterialsKemba WalkerCharlotte BobcatsNN15
17Bonus Shots MaterialsGerald HendersonCharlotte BobcatsNN25
18Bonus Shots MaterialsTyrus ThomasCharlotte BobcatsNN20
19Bonus Shots MaterialsRichard HamiltonChicago BullsNN25
20Bonus Shots MaterialsLuol DengChicago BullsNN25
21Bonus Shots MaterialsJoakim NoahChicago BullsNN25
22Bonus Shots MaterialsTristan ThompsonCleveland CavaliersNN25
23Bonus Shots MaterialsTyler ZellerCleveland CavaliersNN20
24Bonus Shots MaterialsDirk NowitzkiDallas MavericksNN20
25Bonus Shots MaterialsTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNN25
26Bonus Shots MaterialsManu GinobiliSan Antonio SpursNN25
27Bonus Shots MaterialsTony ParkerSan Antonio SpursNN25
28Bonus Shots MaterialsKenneth FariedDenver NuggetsNN25
29Bonus Shots MaterialsJordan HamiltonDenver NuggetsNN20
30Bonus Shots MaterialsAlex EnglishDenver NuggetsNN25
31Bonus Shots MaterialsJalen RoseDenver NuggetsNN20
32Bonus Shots MaterialsKyle SinglerDetroit PistonsNN15
33Bonus Shots MaterialsAndre DrummondDetroit PistonsNN20
34Bonus Shots MaterialsRick MahornDetroit PistonsNN20
35Bonus Shots MaterialsIsiah ThomasDetroit PistonsNN20
36Bonus Shots MaterialsKlay ThompsonGolden State WarriorsNN20
37Bonus Shots MaterialsHarrison BarnesGolden State WarriorsNN20
38Bonus Shots MaterialsCarl LandrySacramento KingsNN20
39Bonus Shots MaterialsJeremy LinHouston RocketsNN20
40Bonus Shots MaterialsCarlos DelfinoMilwaukee BucksNN20
41Bonus Shots MaterialsOrlando JohnsonIndiana PacersNN10
42Bonus Shots MaterialsDanny GrangerIndiana PacersNN10
43Bonus Shots MaterialsDavid WestIndiana PacersNN10
44Bonus Shots MaterialsDanny ManningLos Angeles ClippersNN20
45Bonus Shots MaterialsCaron ButlerMilwaukee BucksNN15
46Bonus Shots MaterialsLamar OdomLos Angeles ClippersNN20
47Bonus Shots MaterialsEric BledsoePhoenix SunsNN20
48Bonus Shots MaterialsChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNN5
49Bonus Shots MaterialsBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN3
50Bonus Shots MaterialsKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN10
51Bonus Shots MaterialsPau GasolLos Angeles LakersNN3
52Bonus Shots MaterialsMetta World PeaceNew York KnicksNN10
53Bonus Shots MaterialsZach RandolphMemphis GrizzliesNN20
54Bonus Shots MaterialsMarc GasolMemphis GrizzliesNN10
55Bonus Shots MaterialsLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN25
56Bonus Shots MaterialsJoel AnthonyMiami HeatNN25
57Bonus Shots MaterialsJohn HensonMilwaukee BucksNN10
58Bonus Shots MaterialsLuc Mbah a MouteSacramento KingsNN25
59Bonus Shots MaterialsMonta EllisDallas MavericksNN25
60Bonus Shots MaterialsDrew GoodenMilwaukee BucksNN20
61Bonus Shots MaterialsKevin LoveMinnesota TimberwolvesNN3
62Bonus Shots MaterialsAustin RiversNew Orleans PelicansNN5
63Bonus Shots MaterialsAnthony DavisNew Orleans PelicansNN25
64Bonus Shots MaterialsDarius MillerNew Orleans PelicansNN20
65Bonus Shots MaterialsAmar'e StoudemireNew York KnicksNN25
66Bonus Shots MaterialsCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN25
67Bonus Shots MaterialsTyson ChandlerNew York KnicksNN5
68Bonus Shots MaterialsPablo PrigioniNew York KnicksNN20
69Bonus Shots MaterialsAndrew NicholsonOrlando MagicNN20
70Bonus Shots MaterialsHedo TurkogluOrlando MagicNN25
71Bonus Shots MaterialsGlen DavisOrlando MagicNN20
72Bonus Shots MaterialsJameer NelsonOrlando MagicNN25
73Bonus Shots MaterialsEvan TurnerPhiladelphia 76ersNN25
74Bonus Shots MaterialsJrue HolidayNew Orleans PelicansNN25
75Bonus Shots MaterialsJason RichardsonPhiladelphia 76ersNN25
76Bonus Shots MaterialsNick YoungLos Angeles LakersNN25
77Bonus Shots MaterialsKendall MarshallPhoenix SunsNN15
78Bonus Shots MaterialsChanning FryePhoenix SunsNN20
79Bonus Shots MaterialsDamian LillardPortland Trail BlazersNN10
80Bonus Shots MaterialsLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail BlazersNN25
81Bonus Shots MaterialsIsaiah ThomasSacramento KingsNN5
82Bonus Shots MaterialsJonas ValanciunasToronto RaptorsNN20
83Bonus Shots MaterialsDeMar DeRozanToronto RaptorsNN15
84Bonus Shots MaterialsAl JeffersonCharlotte BobcatsNN25
85Bonus Shots MaterialsJohn WallWashington WizardsNN25
86Bonus Shots MaterialsAnthony BennettCleveland CavaliersNN25
87Bonus Shots MaterialsVictor OladipoOrlando MagicNN25
88Bonus Shots MaterialsOtto PorterWashington WizardsNN25
89Bonus Shots MaterialsNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ersNN25
90Bonus Shots MaterialsBen McLemoreSacramento KingsNN25
91Bonus Shots MaterialsKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit PistonsNN25
92Bonus Shots MaterialsTrey BurkeUtah JazzNN25
93Bonus Shots MaterialsMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ersNN25
94Bonus Shots MaterialsSteven AdamsOklahoma City ThunderNN25
95Bonus Shots MaterialsKelly OlynykBoston CelticsNN25
96Bonus Shots MaterialsShabazz MuhammadMinnesota TimberwolvesNN25
97Bonus Shots MaterialsTony SnellChicago BullsNN25
98Bonus Shots MaterialsMason PlumleeBrooklyn NetsNN25
99Bonus Shots MaterialsTim Hardaway Jr.New York KnicksNN25
100Bonus Shots MaterialsGlen Rice Jr.Washington WizardsNN25

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – True Colors Materials

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Karl Malone - True Colors Materials

Karl Malone – True Colors Materials

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularPrime
1True Colors MaterialsJoe JohnsonBrooklyn NetsNN25
2True Colors MaterialsTristan ThompsonCleveland CavaliersNN25
3True Colors MaterialsKyle SinglerDetroit PistonsNN25
4True Colors MaterialsDavid WestIndiana PacersNN25
5True Colors MaterialsBuck WilliamsNew Jersey NetsNN25
6True Colors MaterialsRussell WestbrookOklahoma City ThunderNN25
7True Colors MaterialsJeff TeagueAtlanta HawksNN25
8True Colors MaterialsGerald WallaceBoston CelticsNN25
9True Colors MaterialsKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNN25
10True Colors MaterialsGrant HillDetroit PistonsNN25
11True Colors MaterialsDanny GrangerIndiana PacersNN25
12True Colors MaterialsSteve NovakToronto RaptorsNN10
13True Colors MaterialsKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNN25
14True Colors MaterialsKendall MarshallPhoenix SunsNN25
15True Colors MaterialsDeShawn StevensonAtlanta HawksNN10
16True Colors MaterialsDirk NowitzkiDallas MavericksNN10
17True Colors MaterialsAndre DrummondDetroit PistonsNN25
18True Colors MaterialsRonny TuriafLos Angeles ClippersNN25
19True Colors MaterialsKarl MaloneUtah JazzNN25
20True Colors MaterialsNick AndersonOrlando MagicNN25
21True Colors MaterialsMonta EllisDallas MavericksNN25
22True Colors MaterialsFat LeverDenver NuggetsNN25
23True Colors MaterialsJae CrowderDallas MavericksNN25
24True Colors MaterialsKlay ThompsonGolden State WarriorsNN25
25True Colors MaterialsRon HarperLos Angeles ClippersNN25
26True Colors MaterialsPatrick EwingNew York KnicksNN25
27True Colors MaterialsGlen DavisOrlando MagicNN25
28True Colors MaterialsJason RichardsonPhiladelphia 76ersNN25
29True Colors MaterialsDanny AingeBoston CelticsNN25
30True Colors MaterialsKenneth FariedDenver NuggetsNN5
31True Colors MaterialsHarrison BarnesGolden State WarriorsNN25
32True Colors MaterialsEric BledsoePhoenix SunsNN25
33True Colors MaterialsRaymond FeltonNew York KnicksNN25
34True Colors MaterialsArron AfflaloOrlando MagicNN25
35True Colors MaterialsErsan IlyasovaMilwaukee BucksNN25
36True Colors MaterialsLarry BirdBoston CelticsNN25
37True Colors MaterialsAndre MillerDenver NuggetsNN25
38True Colors MaterialsDraymond GreenGolden State WarriorsNN25
39True Colors MaterialsDeAndre JordanLos Angeles ClippersNN25
40True Colors MaterialsJ.R. SmithNew York KnicksNN5
41True Colors MaterialsMarcin GortatPhoenix SunsNN25
42True Colors MaterialsLuc Mbah a MouteSacramento KingsNN25
43True Colors MaterialsMichael Kidd-GilchristCharlotte BobcatsNN25
44True Colors MaterialsAlex EnglishDenver NuggetsNN25
45True Colors MaterialsCarl LandrySacramento KingsNN25
46True Colors MaterialsDanny ManningLos Angeles ClippersNN25
47True Colors MaterialsCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN5
48True Colors MaterialsGoran DragicPhoenix SunsNN25
49True Colors MaterialsD.J. AugustinToronto RaptorsNN25
50True Colors MaterialsTaj GibsonChicago BullsNN25
51True Colors MaterialsAndre IguodalaGolden State WarriorsNN25
52True Colors MaterialsJohn LucasHouston RocketsNN5
53True Colors MaterialsChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNN25
54True Colors MaterialsAmar'e StoudemireNew York KnicksNN25
55True Colors MaterialsMichael BeasleyMiami HeatNN25
56True Colors MaterialsThaddeus YoungPhiladelphia 76ersNN25
57True Colors MaterialsCarlos BoozerChicago BullsNN25
58True Colors MaterialsRodney StuckeyDetroit PistonsNN25
59True Colors MaterialsCarlos DelfinoMilwaukee BucksNN10
60True Colors MaterialsBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN25
61True Colors MaterialsLance ThomasNew Orleans PelicansNN25
62True Colors MaterialsOmer AsikHouston RocketsNN25
63True Colors MaterialsEvan TurnerPhiladelphia 76ersNN20
64True Colors MaterialsZydrunas IlgauskasCleveland CavaliersNN25
65True Colors MaterialsBob LanierMilwaukee BucksNN25
66True Colors MaterialsBrent BarryHouston RocketsNN25
67True Colors MaterialsShaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersNN15
68True Colors MaterialsAustin RiversNew Orleans PelicansNN25
69True Colors MaterialsZaza PachuliaMilwaukee BucksNN25
70True Colors MaterialsLavoy AllenPhiladelphia 76ersNN25
71True Colors MaterialsTyler ZellerCleveland CavaliersNN25
72True Colors MaterialsRick MahornDetroit PistonsNN25
73True Colors MaterialsRoy HibbertIndiana PacersNN25
74True Colors MaterialsCazzie RussellLos Angeles LakersNN25
75True Colors MaterialsAnthony DavisNew Orleans PelicansNN

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Stars of the NBA Signatures

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David Robinson - Stars of the NBA Signatures

David Robinson – Stars of the NBA Signatures

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Stars of the NBA SignaturesDwight HowardHouston Rockets25
2Stars of the NBA SignaturesJ.R. SmithNew York Knicks25
3Stars of the NBA SignaturesTyson ChandlerNew York Knicks25
4Stars of the NBA SignaturesKevin LoveMinnesota Timberwolves25
5Stars of the NBA SignaturesEric GordonNew Orleans Pelicans25
6Stars of the NBA SignaturesJosh SmithDetroit Pistons25
7Stars of the NBA SignaturesDeron WilliamsBrooklyn Nets25
8Stars of the NBA SignaturesDwyane WadeMiami Heat25
9Stars of the NBA SignaturesTyreke EvansNew Orleans Pelicans25
10Stars of the NBA SignaturesRajon RondoBoston Celtics25
11Stars of the NBA SignaturesConnie HawkinsPhoenix Suns99
12Stars of the NBA SignaturesChris BoshMiami Heat15
13Stars of the NBA SignaturesO.J. MayoMilwaukee Bucks25
14Stars of the NBA SignaturesMetta World PeaceNew York Knicks25
15Stars of the NBA SignaturesNorris ColeMiami Heat99
16Stars of the NBA SignaturesHarrison BarnesGolden State Warriors50
17Stars of the NBA SignaturesDan IsselDenver Nuggets99
18Stars of the NBA SignaturesRolando BlackmanDallas Mavericks99
19Stars of the NBA SignaturesRaymond FeltonNew York Knicks15
20Stars of the NBA SignaturesRyan AndersonNew Orleans Pelicans99
21Stars of the NBA SignaturesJ.J. RedickLos Angeles Clippers25
22Stars of the NBA SignaturesGoran DragicPhoenix Suns25
23Stars of the NBA SignaturesKobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers50
24Stars of the NBA SignaturesKevin DurantOklahoma City Thunder50
25Stars of the NBA SignaturesKyrie IrvingCleveland Cavaliers50
26Stars of the NBA SignaturesDavid WestIndiana Pacers99
27Stars of the NBA SignaturesDanny GreenSan Antonio Spurs99
28Stars of the NBA SignaturesJoe JohnsonBrooklyn Nets10
29Stars of the NBA SignaturesAntawn JamisonLos Angeles Clippers99
30Stars of the NBA SignaturesNick YoungLos Angeles Lakers99
31Stars of the NBA SignaturesMarcin GortatPhoenix Suns25
32Stars of the NBA SignaturesLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail Blazers10
33Stars of the NBA SignaturesVince CarterDallas Mavericks10
34Stars of the NBA SignaturesDeMarcus CousinsSacramento Kings10
35Stars of the NBA SignaturesTy LawsonDenver Nuggets25
36Stars of the NBA SignaturesJohn LucasHouston Rockets99
37Stars of the NBA SignaturesMarShon BrooksBoston Celtics49
38Stars of the NBA SignaturesAndre DrummondDetroit Pistons25
39Stars of the NBA SignaturesIsaiah ThomasSacramento Kings99
40Stars of the NBA SignaturesBradley BealWashington Wizards25
41Stars of the NBA SignaturesKawhi LeonardSan Antonio Spurs25
42Stars of the NBA SignaturesReggie TheusChicago Bulls99
43Stars of the NBA SignaturesBlake GriffinLos Angeles Clippers50
44Stars of the NBA SignaturesNikola VucevicOrlando Magic99
45Stars of the NBA SignaturesJeff GreenBoston Celtics25
46Stars of the NBA SignaturesDanilo GallinariDenver Nuggets25
47Stars of the NBA SignaturesAndrea BargnaniNew York Knicks25
48Stars of the NBA SignaturesBill LaimbeerDetroit Pistons99
49Stars of the NBA SignaturesAndre MillerDenver Nuggets25
50Stars of the NBA SignaturesKendrick PerkinsOklahoma City Thunder25
51Stars of the NBA SignaturesKevin MartinMinnesota Timberwolves10
52Stars of the NBA SignaturesJason TerryBrooklyn Nets10
53Stars of the NBA SignaturesMark AguirreDallas Mavericks99
54Stars of the NBA SignaturesAnderson VarejaoCleveland Cavaliers25
55Stars of the NBA SignaturesTaj GibsonChicago Bulls99
56Stars of the NBA SignaturesJoakim NoahChicago Bulls10
57Stars of the NBA SignaturesSteve NashLos Angeles Lakers25
58Stars of the NBA SignaturesJames HardenHouston Rockets25
59Stars of the NBA SignaturesMonta EllisDallas Mavericks25
60Stars of the NBA SignaturesDavid RobinsonSan Antonio Spurs25

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Prestigious Pros

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Kemba Walker - Prestigious Pros

Kemba Walker – Prestigious Pros

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Prestigious ProsLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail BlazersNN
2Prestigious ProsCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN
3Prestigious ProsBradley BealWashington WizardsNN
4Prestigious ProsCarlos BoozerChicago BullsNN
5Prestigious ProsChris BoshMiami HeatNN
6Prestigious ProsKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN
7Prestigious ProsMike ConleyMemphis GrizzliesNN
8Prestigious ProsDeMarcus CousinsSacramento KingsNN
9Prestigious ProsJamal CrawfordLos Angeles ClippersNN
10Prestigious ProsAnthony DavisNew Orleans HornetsNN
11Prestigious ProsLuol DengChicago BullsNN
12Prestigious ProsDeMar DeRozanToronto RaptorsNN
13Prestigious ProsGoran DragicPhoenix SunsNN
14Prestigious ProsKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNN
15Prestigious ProsMonta EllisDallas MavericksNN
16Prestigious ProsTyreke EvansNew Orleans PelicansNN
17Prestigious ProsMarc GasolMemphis GrizzliesNN
18Prestigious ProsRudy GayToronto RaptorsNN
19Prestigious ProsPaul GeorgeIndiana PacersNN
20Prestigious ProsManu GinobiliSan Antonio SpursNN
21Prestigious ProsBen GordonCharlotte BobcatsNN
22Prestigious ProsBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN
23Prestigious ProsJameer NelsonOrlando MagicNN
24Prestigious ProsGordon HaywardUtah JazzNN
25Prestigious ProsJrue HolidayNew Orleans PelicansNN
26Prestigious ProsDwight HowardHouston RocketsNN
27Prestigious ProsSerge IbakaOklahoma City ThunderNN
28Prestigious ProsKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNN
29Prestigious ProsLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN
30Prestigious ProsAl JeffersonCharlotte BobcatsNN
31Prestigious ProsBrandon JenningsDetroit PistonsNN
32Prestigious ProsJoe JohnsonBrooklyn NetsNN
33Prestigious ProsTy LawsonDenver NuggetsNN
34Prestigious ProsDavid LeeGolden State WarriorsNN
35Prestigious ProsDamian LillardPortland Trail BlazersNN
36Prestigious ProsBrook LopezBrooklyn NetsNN
37Prestigious ProsJoakim NoahChicago BullsNN
38Prestigious ProsChandler ParsonsHouston RocketsNN
39Prestigious ProsChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNN
40Prestigious ProsPaul PierceBrooklyn NetsNN
41Prestigious ProsZach RandolphMemphis GrizzliesNN
42Prestigious ProsJ.R. SmithNew York KnicksNN
43Prestigious ProsJosh SmithDetroit PistonsNN
44Prestigious ProsKlay ThompsonGolden State WarriorsNN
45Prestigious ProsDwyane WadeMiami HeatNN
46Prestigious ProsKemba WalkerCharlotte BobcatsNN
47Prestigious ProsJohn WallWashington WizardsNN
48Prestigious ProsDavid WestIndiana PacersNN
49Prestigious ProsRussell WestbrookOklahoma City ThunderNN
50Prestigious ProsDeron WilliamsBrooklyn NetsNN

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Prestigious Premieres Signatures

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Isaiah Canaan - Prestigious Premieres Signatures

Isaiah Canaan – Prestigious Premieres Signatures

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Prestigious Premieres SignaturesNate WoltersMilwaukee BucksNN
2Prestigious Premieres SignaturesErik MurphyChicago BullsNN
3Prestigious Premieres SignaturesC.J. LeslieNew York KnicksNN
4Prestigious Premieres SignaturesKelly OlynykBoston CelticsNN
5Prestigious Premieres SignaturesAnthony BennettCleveland CavaliersNN
6Prestigious Premieres SignaturesTrey BurkeUtah JazzNN
7Prestigious Premieres SignaturesJeff WitheyNew Orleans PelicansNN
8Prestigious Premieres SignaturesPhil PresseyBoston CelticsNN
9Prestigious Premieres SignaturesPeyton SivaDetroit PistonsNN
10Prestigious Premieres SignaturesShabazz MuhammadMinnesota TimberwolvesNN
11Prestigious Premieres SignaturesVictor OladipoOrlando MagicNN
12Prestigious Premieres SignaturesC.J. McCollumPortland Trail BlazersNN
13Prestigious Premieres SignaturesGrant JerrettOklahoma City ThunderNN
14Prestigious Premieres SignaturesArchie GoodwinPhoenix SunsNN
15Prestigious Premieres SignaturesMason PlumleeBrooklyn NetsNN
16Prestigious Premieres SignaturesGiannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee BucksNN
17Prestigious Premieres SignaturesOtto PorterWashington WizardsNN
18Prestigious Premieres SignaturesMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ersNN
19Prestigious Premieres SignaturesJamaal FranklinMemphis GrizzliesNN
20Prestigious Premieres SignaturesElias HarrisLos Angeles LakersNN
21Prestigious Premieres SignaturesSolomon HillIndiana PacersNN
22Prestigious Premieres SignaturesCarrick FelixCleveland CavaliersNN
23Prestigious Premieres SignaturesCody ZellerCharlotte BobcatsNN
24Prestigious Premieres SignaturesSteven AdamsOklahoma City ThunderNN
25Prestigious Premieres SignaturesIan ClarkUtah JazzNN
26Prestigious Premieres SignaturesAllen CrabbePortland Trail BlazersNN
27Prestigious Premieres SignaturesTim Hardaway Jr.New York KnicksNN
28Prestigious Premieres SignaturesDennis SchroederAtlanta HawksNN
29Prestigious Premieres SignaturesAlex LenPhoenix SunsNN
30Prestigious Premieres SignaturesBen McLemoreSacramento KingsNN
31Prestigious Premieres SignaturesTony SnellChicago BullsNN
32Prestigious Premieres SignaturesGlen Rice Jr.Washington WizardsNN
33Prestigious Premieres SignaturesReggie BullockLos Angeles ClippersNN
34Prestigious Premieres SignaturesShane LarkinDallas MavericksNN
35Prestigious Premieres SignaturesNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ersNN
36Prestigious Premieres SignaturesKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit PistonsNN
37Prestigious Premieres SignaturesRyan KellyLos Angeles LakersNN
38Prestigious Premieres SignaturesTony MitchellDetroit PistonsNN
39Prestigious Premieres SignaturesAndre RobersonOklahoma City ThunderNN
40Prestigious Premieres SignaturesIsaiah CanaanHouston RocketsNN

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Prestigious Posts

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Brook Lopez - Prestigious Posts

Brook Lopez – Prestigious Posts

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Prestigious PostsAndrew BogutGolden State WarriorsNN
2Prestigious PostsChris BoshMiami HeatNN
3Prestigious PostsTyson ChandlerNew York KnicksNN
4Prestigious PostsDeMarcus CousinsSacramento KingsNN
5Prestigious PostsTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNN
6Prestigious PostsMarc GasolMemphis GrizzliesNN
7Prestigious PostsRoy HibbertIndiana PacersNN
8Prestigious PostsDwight HowardHouston RocketsNN
9Prestigious PostsBrook LopezBrooklyn NetsNN
10Prestigious PostsJoakim NoahChicago BullsNN

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Prestigious Pioneers

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Bill Russell - Prestigious Pioneers

Bill Russell – Prestigious Pioneers

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Prestigious PioneersKareem Abdul-JabbarMilwaukee BucksNN
2Prestigious PioneersAl AttlesPhiladelphia WarriorsNN
3Prestigious PioneersElgin BaylorLos Angeles LakersNN
4Prestigious PioneersWilt ChamberlainPhiladelphia WarriorsNN
5Prestigious PioneersBob CousyBoston CelticsNN
6Prestigious PioneersWalt FrazierNew York KnicksNN
7Prestigious PioneersArtis GilmoreChicago BullsNN
8Prestigious PioneersJohn HavlicekBoston CelticsNN
9Prestigious PioneersClyde LovelletteBoston CelticsNN
10Prestigious PioneersPete MaravichAtlanta HawksNN
11Prestigious PioneersGeorge MikanMinneapolis LakersNN
12Prestigious PioneersVern MikkelsenMinneapolis LakersNN
13Prestigious PioneersBob PettitSt. Louis HawksNN
14Prestigious PioneersWillis ReedNew York KnicksNN
15Prestigious PioneersOscar RobertsonMilwaukee BucksNN
16Prestigious PioneersBill RussellBoston CelticsNN
17Prestigious PioneersDolph SchayesSyracuse NationalsNN
18Prestigious PioneersWes UnseldBaltimore BulletsNN
19Prestigious PioneersJerry WestLos Angeles LakersNN
20Prestigious PioneersLenny WilkensSeattle SupersonicsNN

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Prestigious Picks

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Tony Snell - Prestigious Picks

Tony Snell – Prestigious Picks

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Prestigious PicksAnthony BennettCleveland CavaliersNN
2Prestigious PicksVictor OladipoOrlando MagicNN
3Prestigious PicksOtto PorterWashington WizardsNN
4Prestigious PicksCody ZellerCharlotte BobcatsNN
5Prestigious PicksAlex LenPhoenix SunsNN
6Prestigious PicksNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ersNN
7Prestigious PicksBen McLemoreSacramento KingsNN
8Prestigious PicksKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit PistonsNN
9Prestigious PicksTrey BurkeUtah JazzNN
10Prestigious PicksC.J. McCollumPortland Trail BlazersNN
11Prestigious PicksMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ersNN
12Prestigious PicksSteven AdamsOklahoma City ThunderNN
13Prestigious PicksKelly OlynykBoston CelticsNN
14Prestigious PicksShabazz MuhammadMinnesota TimberwolvesNN
15Prestigious PicksShane LarkinDallas MavericksNN
16Prestigious PicksTim Hardaway Jr.New York KnicksNN
17Prestigious PicksGlen Rice Jr.Washington WizardsNN
18Prestigious PicksMason PlumleeBrooklyn NetsNN
19Prestigious PicksDennis SchroederAtlanta HawksNN
20Prestigious PicksSergey KarasevCleveland CavaliersNN
21Prestigious PicksReggie BullockLos Angeles ClippersNN
22Prestigious PicksTony MitchellDetroit PistonsNN
23Prestigious PicksArchie GoodwinPhoenix SunsNN
24Prestigious PicksRudy GobertUtah JazzNN
25Prestigious PicksTony SnellChicago BullsNN

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Playmakers

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Damian Lillard - Playmakers

Damian Lillard – Playmakers

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1PlaymakersJames HardenHouston RocketsNN
2PlaymakersStephen CurryGolden State WarriorsNN
3PlaymakersKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN
4PlaymakersCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN
5PlaymakersTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNN
6PlaymakersKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNN
7PlaymakersBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN
8PlaymakersDwight HowardHouston RocketsNN
9PlaymakersLaMarcus AldridgePortland Trail BlazersNN
10PlaymakersKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNN
11PlaymakersLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN
12PlaymakersDamian LillardPortland Trail BlazersNN
13PlaymakersKevin LoveMinnesota TimberwolvesNN
14PlaymakersSteve NashLos Angeles LakersNN
15PlaymakersTony ParkerSan Antonio SpursNN
16PlaymakersChris PaulLos Angeles ClippersNN
17PlaymakersRajon RondoBoston CelticsNN
18PlaymakersDerrick RoseChicago BullsNN
19PlaymakersDwyane WadeMiami HeatNN
20PlaymakersRussell WestbrookOklahoma City ThunderNN
21PlaymakersRicky RubioMinnesota TimberwolvesNN
22PlaymakersJohn WallWashington WizardsNN
23PlaymakersBlake GriffinLos Angeles ClippersNN
24PlaymakersDirk NowitzkiDallas MavericksNN
25PlaymakersPaul GeorgeIndiana PacersNN

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist – Old School Signatures

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Michael Cooper - Old School Signatures

Michael Cooper – Old School Signatures

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamSeq.
1Old School SignaturesAllan HoustonNew York Knicks49
2Old School SignaturesWorld B. FreeSan Diego Clippers50
3Old School SignaturesSpencer HaywoodNew York Knicks99
4Old School SignaturesElgin BaylorLos Angeles Lakers10
5Old School SignaturesWes UnseldBaltimore Bullets25
6Old School SignaturesScottie PippenChicago Bulls50
7Old School SignaturesConnie HawkinsPhoenix Suns99
8Old School SignaturesMichael CooperLos Angeles Lakers99
9Old School SignaturesA.C. GreenLos Angeles Lakers99
10Old School SignaturesLarry NancePhoenix Suns99
11Old School SignaturesDominique WilkinsAtlanta Hawks75
12Old School SignaturesBob DandridgeMilwaukee Bucks99
13Old School SignaturesGeorge GervinSan Antonio Spurs50
14Old School SignaturesJo Jo WhiteBoston Celtics99
15Old School SignaturesBailey HowellBoston Celtics99
16Old School SignaturesSlick WattsSeattle Supersonics99
17Old School SignaturesGeorge McGinnisPhiladelphia 76ers99
18Old School SignaturesLenny WilkensCleveland Cavaliers50
19Old School SignaturesHal GreerPhiladelphia 76ers50
20Old School SignaturesDarryl DawkinsNew Jersey Nets99
21Old School SignaturesLen ElmoreMilwaukee Bucks99
22Old School SignaturesNate ThurmondGolden State Warriors25
23Old School SignaturesRory SparrowAtlanta Hawks99
24Old School SignaturesHerb WilliamsIndiana Pacers99
25Old School SignaturesOtis BirdsongKansas City Kings99
26Old School SignaturesGail GoodrichLos Angeles Lakers50
27Old School SignaturesBill SharmanBoston Celtics10
28Old School SignaturesArtis GilmoreSan Antonio Spurs25
29Old School SignaturesCampy RussellCleveland Cavaliers99
30Old School SignaturesGus WilliamsGolden State Warriors99
31Old School SignaturesTom "Satch" SandersBoston Celtics99
32Old School SignaturesBill LaimbeerDetroit Pistons99
33Old School SignaturesJohn LucasHouston Rockets99
34Old School SignaturesDean MemingerNew York Knicks99
35Old School SignaturesReggie TheusKansas City Kings99
36Old School SignaturesSidney MoncriefMilwaukee Bucks99
37Old School SignaturesElvin HayesSan Diego Rockets10
38Old School SignaturesJames WorthyLos Angeles Lakers25
39Old School SignaturesJohn HavlicekBoston Celtics10
40Old School SignaturesJohn "Hot Rod" WilliamsCleveland Cavaliers99
41Old School SignaturesBill WaltonSan Diego Clippers99
42Old School SignaturesRalph SampsonHouston Rockets25
43Old School SignaturesRick BarryGolden State Warriors10
44Old School SignaturesDave StallworthNew York Knicks99
45Old School SignaturesBob LanierMilwaukee Bucks25
46Old School SignaturesBuck WilliamsNew Jersey Nets99
47Old School SignaturesHenry BibbyPhiladelphia 76ers99
48Old School SignaturesPaul WestphalNew York Knicks99
49Old School SignaturesMel DanielsIndiana Pacers (ABA)99
50Old School SignaturesBobby JonesPhiladelphia 76ers99
51Old School SignaturesMark AguirreDallas Mavericks99
52Old School SignaturesDolph SchayesSyracuse Nationals10
53Old School SignaturesWillis ReedNew York Knicks25
54Old School SignaturesSam JonesBoston Celtics25
55Old School SignaturesDennis RodmanDetroit Pistons25
56Old School SignaturesHarry GallatinNew York Knicks99
57Old School SignaturesCalvin MurphySan Diego Rockets10
58Old School SignaturesDanny ManningLos Angeles Clippers10
59Old School SignaturesHakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets75
60Old School SignaturesBernard KingNew Jersey Nets99

Credits: Panini