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Damian Lillard Redemption RC is on the way

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Damian Lillard Panini Preferred Silhouette

Damian Lillard Panini Preferred Silhouette

We’ve seen the debut of Damian Lillard RC Autos featured in his Portland Trail Blazers uniform in products like Immaculate and Flawless this year. Today, Panini America has just posted that the other set of RC autos for the 2013 NBA Rookie of the Year is now in process, which means that these stunning cards are now in process to be sent to the collectors who participated in Panini’s special wrapper redemption program.

The best part of the announcement is that there are still few more cards waiting to be redeemed.

Lillard is featured on new autograph memorabilia Rookie Cards in National Treasures (99 vertical RCs and horizontal SPs numbered to 25, 5 and 1), Preferred Silhouettes (99 RCs, 25 SPs), Gold Standard (99 RCs, 10 SPs) and Select (49 RCs, 10 SPs). While supplies last, collectors will receive one blind-wrapped Lillard RC for every 300 points they earn from sending in wrappers, box UPC codes and store receipts to Panini America verifying their purchases of:

2012-13 Momentum Basketball30
2012-13 Panini Signatures Basketball15
2012-13 Elite Series Basketball35
2012-13 Gold Standard Basketball25
2012-13 Panini Intrigue Basketball20
2012-13 Innovation Basketball15

Source: Knight’s Lance.

Lance Stephenson Shake and Bake – GIF of the Day

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Lance Stephenson Shake and Bake

Lance Stephenson Shake and Bake

Lance Stephenson puts Courtney Lee in skates as he make an effort for another bucket. Stephenson had a triple double night against the Celtics by logging 12 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists while Paul George leads all scorer with 24 points. The Pacers win with the score of 106-79.

Blake Griffin elbows Ricky Rubio – GIF of the Day

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 Blake Griffin elbows Ricky Rubio - GIF of the Day

Blake Griffin elbows Ricky Rubio – GIF of the Day

It’s the duel of the best young power forwards in the West as the Wolves visits the Clippers in Staples Center. The home team needed an extra period to take the W with the score of 116 – 120.

As usual, Blake Griffin delivers thunderous highlights including the dunk which he accidentally elbows Ricky Rubio. Griffin scored 32 points and grabbed 11 rebounds while Kevin Love registered another video game stats, he scored 45 points and grabbed 19 rebounds.

Paul George Reverse Slam – GIF of the Day

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Paul George Reverse Dunk - GIF of the Day

Paul George Reverse Dunk – GIF of the Day

Paul George got a breakaway reverse dunk out of the Rockets turn over. The Pacers won the game with the score of 114 – 81, George lead all scorers by registering 24 points.

Gordon Hayward dunks on Cody Zeller – GIF of the Day

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Gordon Hayward dunks on Cody Zeller

Gordon Hayward dunks on Cody Zeller

We have now a new category on this blog which is called GIF of the Day. I know that there are lots of you basketball fanatics are also a member of basketball or sports related forums where you wanted to spice up your profile by adding cool graphics. You may grab the GIF that you want from your favorite player.

To start up, I will begin with the monstrous dunk of Gordon Hayward against Cody Zeller, as some of you already knew that this player from Butler University is my main PC (Basketball Cards Personal Collection). By the way, that dunk is number 8 on Saturday’s Top 10.

Chandler Parsons Buffalo David Bitton Commercial

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Apart from helping Dwight Howard and James Harden to get the Houston Rockets more W each game, Chandler Parsons also found another role off the court with Ashely Sky as both featured in the latest commercial of Buffalo David Bitton.

No more Bobcats

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During the halftime of last night’s Jazz and Bobcats game, Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player who played the game unveils the new logo of Charlotte franchise and they’re no longer to be called as Bobcats but they’re now again Hornets.

The primary logo utilizes the purple and teal color palette and features an aggressive-looking hornet that is ready to attack. Its piercing eyes, raised antennae, expanded wings and pointed stinger depict its relentless intensity. Incorporated within the logo is a basketball that doubles as the hornet’s body. The Charlotte Hornets wordmark is written across the insect. The logo contains several odes to that of the original Hornets with its white wings, white accents within its eyes, a stinger and the inclusion of a basketball.

The logo represents several characteristics of actual hornets, including their swarming and attacking nature, along with their fierceness and relentlessness when protecting their nests. These same characteristics connect with the city of Charlotte itself. The city’s rebelliousness, aggressiveness and protective attributes date to the Revolutionary War when British commander General Cornwallis referred to Charlotte as “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.”

“The logos are the foundation of an organization’s brand identity, and our goal was to design logos that would have awareness, be relevant and resonate with our fans,” said Bobcats Sports & Entertainment President & COO Fred Whitfield. “We developed a logo that physically depicted the characteristics and DNA of the type of team we want on the court, as well as those of hornets and the city of Charlotte.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

Courtney Lee Card – 2012/13 Panini Prestige Basketball (Base)

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Courtney Lee base card from 2012-13 Panini Prestige Basketball product. (more…)

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist – Validating Marks

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Danny Green - Validating Marks

Danny Green – Validating Marks

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularBlackGoldRubySapphire
1Validating MarksKendall MarshallPhoenix SunsNN1109949
2Validating MarksKenyon MartinNew York KnicksNN1109949
3Validating MarksAllan HoustonDetroit PistonsNN13105
4Validating MarksMaurice HarklessOrlando MagicNN1109949
5Validating MarksCarl LandrySacramento KingsNN13105
6Validating MarksCaron ButlerMilwaukee BucksNA12NA3
7Validating MarksLou AmundsonLos Angeles ClippersNN1109949
8Validating MarksAndrei KirilenkoBrooklyn NetsNA12NA3
9Validating MarksBen GordonCharlotte BobcatsNA12NA3
10Validating MarksJarrett JackCleveland CavaliersNN13105
11Validating MarksRaymond FeltonNew York KnicksNA12NA3
12Validating MarksJ.J. RedickLos Angeles ClippersNN13105
13Validating MarksGoran DragicPhoenix SunsNN13105
14Validating MarksCharlie VillanuevaDetroit PistonsNA12NA3
15Validating MarksDanny GreenSan Antonio SpursNN1109949
16Validating MarksNikola PekovicMinnesota TimberwolvesNN1109949
17Validating MarksBoris DiawSan Antonio SpursNN13105
18Validating MarksAntawn JamisonLos Angeles ClippersNN13105
19Validating MarksCorey BrewerMinnesota TimberwolvesNN1109949
20Validating MarksEric GordonNew Orleans PelicansNA12NA3
21Validating MarksKendrick PerkinsOklahoma City ThunderNN13105
22Validating MarksEkpe UdohMilwaukee BucksNN1109949
23Validating MarksEarl ClarkCleveland CavaliersNN1109949
24Validating MarksErsan IlyasovaMilwaukee BucksNN13105
25Validating MarksMateen CleavesDetroit PistonsNN1109949
26Validating MarksTobias HarrisOrlando MagicNN13105
27Validating MarksKyle LowryToronto RaptorsNN13105
28Validating MarksJonas ValanciunasToronto RaptorsNN13105
29Validating MarksKevin LoveMinnesota TimberwolvesNN13105
30Validating MarksNick YoungLos Angeles LakersNN13105
31Validating MarksSam CassellMinnesota TimberwolvesNN13105
32Validating MarksAndre DrummondDetroit PistonsNN13105
33Validating MarksEnes KanterUtah JazzNN13105
34Validating MarksNicolas BatumPortland Trail BlazersNN1109949
35Validating MarksMarcin GortatPhoenix SunsNN13105
36Validating MarksJared SullingerBoston CelticsNN13105
37Validating MarksMarShon BrooksBoston CelticsNN1109949
38Validating MarksPatrick BeverleyHouston RocketsNN1109949
39Validating MarksEddie JohnsonPhoenix SunsNN1109949
40Validating MarksKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN1104925
41Validating MarksWillie ReedMemphis GrizzliesNN1109949
42Validating MarksCampy RussellCleveland CavaliersNN1109949
43Validating MarksJustin HamiltonMiami HeatNN1109949
44Validating MarksGus WilliamsSeattle SupersonicsNN1109949
45Validating MarksKyrie IrvingCleveland CavaliersNN1103515
46Validating MarksOtis BirdsongNew Jersey NetsNN1109949
47Validating MarksKenny "Sky" WalkerWashington BulletsNN13105
48Validating MarksWill BynumDetroit PistonsNN1109949
49Validating MarksJames JohnsonAtlanta HawksNN1109949
50Validating MarksKevin DurantOklahoma City ThunderNN1104925

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist – Treasured Threads

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Jeremy Lin - Treasured Threads

Jeremy Lin – Treasured Threads

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularPrimeSuper Prime
1Treasured ThreadsShaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersNN101
2Treasured ThreadsGrant HillPhoenix SunsNN251
3Treasured ThreadsKiki VandewegheDenver NuggetsNN251
4Treasured ThreadsJeff MalonePhiladelphia 76ersNN251
5Treasured ThreadsDee BrownBoston CelticsNN251
6Treasured ThreadsJamal MashburnMiami HeatNN251
7Treasured ThreadsGus WilliamsWashington BulletsNN101
8Treasured ThreadsRobert HorryHouston RocketsNN251
9Treasured ThreadsMitch RichmondSacramento KingsNN101
10Treasured ThreadsManute BolPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
11Treasured ThreadsKarl MaloneUtah JazzNN251
12Treasured ThreadsPatrick EwingNew York KnicksNN251
13Treasured ThreadsTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNN251
14Treasured ThreadsLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN251
15Treasured ThreadsKobe BryantLos Angeles LakersNN51
16Treasured ThreadsBernard KingNew York KnicksNN81
17Treasured ThreadsJeremy LinHouston RocketsNN251
18Treasured ThreadsReggie LewisBoston CelticsNN251
19Treasured ThreadsPaul WestphalNew York KnicksNN251
20Treasured ThreadsDanny ManningLos Angeles ClippersNN251
21Treasured ThreadsPaul PierceBrooklyn NetsNN251
22Treasured ThreadsManu GinobiliSan Antonio SpursNN251
23Treasured ThreadsCarmelo AnthonyNew York KnicksNN251
24Treasured ThreadsRay AllenMiami HeatNN251
25Treasured ThreadsDwyane WadeMiami HeatNN251

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist – Treasured Picks Jerseys

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Anthony Bennett - Treasured Picks

Anthony Bennett – Treasured Picks

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularPrimeTags
1Treasured Picks JerseysShane LarkinDallas MavericksNN251
2Treasured Picks JerseysPeyton SivaDetroit PistonsNN251
3Treasured Picks JerseysShabazz MuhammadMinnesota TimberwolvesNN251
4Treasured Picks JerseysKelly OlynykBoston CelticsNN251
5Treasured Picks JerseysAnthony BennettCleveland CavaliersNN251
6Treasured Picks JerseysRyan KellyLos Angeles LakersNN251
7Treasured Picks JerseysJamaal FranklinMemphis GrizzliesNN251
8Treasured Picks JerseysMichael Carter-WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ersNN251
9Treasured Picks JerseysVictor OladipoOrlando MagicNN251
10Treasured Picks JerseysAndre RobersonOklahoma City ThunderNN251
11Treasured Picks JerseysMason PlumleeBrooklyn NetsNN251
12Treasured Picks JerseysC.J. McCollumPortland Trail BlazersNN251
13Treasured Picks JerseysOtto PorterWashington WizardsNN251
14Treasured Picks JerseysNate WoltersMilwaukee BucksNN251
15Treasured Picks JerseysTim Hardaway Jr.New York KnicksNN251
16Treasured Picks JerseysTrey BurkeUtah JazzNN251
17Treasured Picks JerseysCody ZellerCharlotte BobcatsNN251
18Treasured Picks JerseysTony MitchellDetroit PistonsNN251
19Treasured Picks JerseysArchie GoodwinPhoenix SunsNN251
20Treasured Picks JerseysKentavious Caldwell-PopeDetroit PistonsNN251
21Treasured Picks JerseysAlex LenPhoenix SunsNN251
22Treasured Picks JerseysGlen Rice Jr.Washington WizardsNN251
23Treasured Picks JerseysAllen CrabbePortland Trail BlazersNN251
24Treasured Picks JerseysBen McLemoreSacramento KingsNN251
25Treasured Picks JerseysNerlens NoelPhiladelphia 76ersNN251

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist – Treasured Ink

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Jim Jackson - Treasured Ink

Jim Jackson – Treasured Ink

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularGoldBlack
1Treasured InkKobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers49101
2Treasured InkKevin DurantOklahoma City Thunder49101
3Treasured InkKyrie IrvingCleveland Cavaliers49101
4Treasured InkBlake GriffinLos Angeles Clippers49101
5Treasured InkSteve SmithAtlanta Hawks299101
6Treasured InkStephen CurryGolden State Warriors25101
7Treasured InkMichael FinleySan Antonio Spurs1551
8Treasured InkNate ArchibaldBoston Celtics1551
9Treasured InkKarl MaloneUtah Jazz25101
10Treasured InkKareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles Lakers25101
11Treasured InkJim JacksonMiami Heat299101
12Treasured InkHorace GrantOrlando Magic1551
13Treasured InkBailey HowellBoston Celtics49101
14Treasured InkRolando BlackmanNew York Knicks49101
15Treasured InkTom HeinsohnBoston Celtics49101
16Treasured InkAntoine WalkerDallas Mavericks299101
17Treasured InkAnthony MasonNew York Knicks299101
18Treasured InkNick Van ExelLos Angeles Lakers1551
19Treasured InkChris BoshMiami Heat25101
20Treasured InkTony ParkerSan Antonio Spurs1551
21Treasured InkSam JonesBoston Celtics1551
22Treasured InkA.C. GreenLos Angeles Lakers49101
23Treasured InkLarry BirdBoston Celtics25101
24Treasured InkJerry WestLos Angeles Lakers25101
25Treasured InkVince CarterDallas Mavericks25101

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist – Timeless Treasures Trophies

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2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularTag
1Timeless Treasures TrophiesKyrie IrvingCleveland Cavaliers251
2Timeless Treasures TrophiesKobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers251
3Timeless Treasures TrophiesKarl MaloneUtah Jazz251
4Timeless Treasures TrophiesKevin DurantSeattle Supersonics251
5Timeless Treasures TrophiesKareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles Lakers251

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist – Timeless Teams

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Maurice Cheeks - Timeless Teams

Maurice Cheeks – Timeless Teams

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularGoldBlack
1Timeless TeamsBill LaimbeerDetroit PistonsNN101
2Timeless TeamsDennis RodmanDetroit PistonsNN101
3Timeless TeamsIsiah ThomasDetroit PistonsNN101
4Timeless TeamsJoe DumarsDetroit PistonsNN101
5Timeless TeamsMark AguirreDetroit PistonsNN101
6Timeless TeamsDanny AingeBoston CelticsNN101
7Timeless TeamsDennis JohnsonBoston CelticsNN101
8Timeless TeamsKevin McHaleBoston CelticsNN101
9Timeless TeamsLarry BirdBoston CelticsNN101
10Timeless TeamsRobert ParishBoston CelticsNN101
11Timeless TeamsA.C. GreenLos Angeles LakersNN101
12Timeless TeamsByron ScottLos Angeles LakersNN101
13Timeless TeamsJames WorthyLos Angeles LakersNN101
14Timeless TeamsKareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles LakersNN101
15Timeless TeamsMagic JohnsonLos Angeles LakersNN101
16Timeless TeamsBobby JonesPhiladelphia 76ersNN101
17Timeless TeamsJulius ErvingPhiladelphia 76ersNN101
18Timeless TeamsMaurice CheeksPhiladelphia 76ersNN101
19Timeless TeamsMoses MalonePhiladelphia 76ersNN101
20Timeless TeamsClint RichardsonPhiladelphia 76ersNN101
21Timeless TeamsRon HarperChicago BullsNN101
22Timeless TeamsScottie PippenChicago BullsNN101
23Timeless TeamsSteve KerrChicago BullsNN101
24Timeless TeamsToni KukocChicago BullsNN101
25Timeless TeamsLuc LongleyChicago BullsNN101
26Timeless TeamsDick BarnettNew York KnicksNN101
27Timeless TeamsWalt FrazierNew York KnicksNN101
28Timeless TeamsWillis ReedNew York KnicksNN101
29Timeless TeamsDave DeBusschereNew York KnicksNN101
30Timeless TeamsCazzie RussellNew York KnicksNN101
31Timeless TeamsBob DandridgeMilwaukee BucksNN101
32Timeless TeamsKareem Abdul-JabbarMilwaukee BucksNN101
33Timeless TeamsLucius AllenMilwaukee BucksNN101
34Timeless TeamsOscar RobertsonMilwaukee BucksNN101
35Timeless TeamsJon McGlocklinMilwaukee BucksNN101
36Timeless TeamsDwyane WadeMiami HeatNN101
37Timeless TeamsLeBron JamesMiami HeatNN101
38Timeless TeamsMario ChalmersMiami HeatNN101
39Timeless TeamsRay AllenMiami HeatNN101
40Timeless TeamsChris BoshMiami HeatNN101
41Timeless TeamsBruce BowenSan Antonio SpursNN101
42Timeless TeamsTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursNN101
43Timeless TeamsTony ParkerSan Antonio SpursNN101
44Timeless TeamsDavid RobinsonSan Antonio SpursNN101
45Timeless TeamsManu GinobiliSan Antonio SpursNN101
46Timeless TeamsClyde DrexlerHouston RocketsNN101
47Timeless TeamsHakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsNN101
48Timeless TeamsRobert HorryHouston RocketsNN101
49Timeless TeamsSam CassellHouston RocketsNN101
50Timeless TeamsVernon MaxwellHouston RocketsNN101

Credits: Panini

2013-14 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist – Timeless Talents

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Dwight Howard - Timeless Talents

Dwight Howard – Timeless Talents

NumberCard SetPlayerTeamRegularRubySapphireGoldBlack
1Timeless TalentsDerrick WilliamsMinnesota TimberwolvesNANA321
2Timeless TalentsKevin WillisSan Antonio Spurs2510531
3Timeless TalentsHerb WilliamsIndiana PacersNA9975101
4Timeless TalentsMichael FinleyPhoenix Suns2510531
5Timeless TalentsBrent BarryMiami HeatNANA321
6Timeless TalentsWorld B. FreePhiladelphia 76ersNANA321
7Timeless TalentsElvin HayesWashington Bullets2510531
8Timeless TalentsDwight HowardHouston Rockets252015101
9Timeless TalentsRick BarryHouston Rockets492515101
10Timeless TalentsTyson ChandlerNew York Knicks492515101
11Timeless TalentsSteve FrancisNew York Knicks2510531
12Timeless TalentsDavid WestIndiana Pacers2510531
13Timeless TalentsSteve KerrSan Antonio Spurs2510531
14Timeless TalentsNick Van ExelLos Angeles Lakers2510531
15Timeless TalentsMaurice CheeksPhiladelphia 76ersNA9975101
16Timeless TalentsLuc LongleyChicago BullsNA9975101
17Timeless TalentsZydrunas IlgauskasCleveland CavaliersNA9975101
18Timeless TalentsVin BakerSeattle SupersonicsNA9975101
19Timeless TalentsTom ChambersUtah Jazz2510531
20Timeless TalentsJosh SmithDetroit PistonsNANA321
21Timeless TalentsJason TerryBrooklyn Nets2510531
22Timeless TalentsShane BattierMiami HeatNA321
23Timeless TalentsB.J. ArmstrongChicago Bulls2510531
24Timeless TalentsBruce BowenSan Antonio SpursNA9975101
25Timeless TalentsGrant HillLos Angeles Clippers492515101
26Timeless TalentsAlonzo MourningMiami Heat252015101
27Timeless TalentsDeron WilliamsBrooklyn Nets252015101
28Timeless TalentsDwyane WadeMiami Heat232015101
29Timeless TalentsBrandon RoyMinnesota TimberwolvesNANA321
30Timeless TalentsHarrison BarnesGolden State Warriors2510531
31Timeless TalentsBradley BealWashington Wizards2510531
32Timeless TalentsKyrie IrvingCleveland Cavaliers492515101
33Timeless TalentsDan MajerlePhoenix Suns2510531
34Timeless TalentsDan IsselDenver NuggetsNA9975101
35Timeless TalentsJoe DumarsDetroit Pistons2510531
36Timeless TalentsSam PerkinsDallas Mavericks2510531
37Timeless TalentsLen ElmoreMilwaukee BucksNA9975101
38Timeless TalentsMichael CooperLos Angeles LakersNA9975101
39Timeless TalentsMuggsy BoguesCharlotte HornetsNA9975101
40Timeless TalentsJuwan HowardMiami Heat2510531

Credits: Panini