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2013-14 Upper Deck SP Authentic Checklist – Sign of the Times

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Sean Elliott - Sign of the Times

Sean Elliott – Sign of the Times

NumberSet NamePlayerTeam
S-AHSign of the TimesAllan HoustonVolunteers
S-AISign of the TimesAllen IversonHoyas
S-AWSign of the TimesAntoine WalkerWildcats
S-BDSign of the TimesBrad DaughertyTar Heels
S-BLSign of the TimesBill LaimbeerFighting Irish
S-BOSign of the TimesMuggsy BoguesDeacon Demons
S-BOSign of the TimesMuggsy BoguesDemon Deacons
S-BWSign of the TimesBill WaltonBruins
S-CCSign of the TimesCalbert CheaneyHoosiers
S-CLSign of the TimesChristian LaettnerBlue Devils
S-CMSign of the TimesCheryl MillerTrojans
S-DBSign of the TimesDrew BarryYellow Jackets
S-DOSign of the TimesDonyell MarshallHuskies
S-DRSign of the TimesDavid RobinsonMidshipmen
S-DSSign of the TimesDetlef SchrempfHuskies
S-DWSign of the TimesDominique WilkinsBulldogs
S-EHSign of the TimesElvin HayesCougars
S-EJSign of the TimesEddie JonesOwls
S-ELSign of the TimesSean ElliottWildcats
S-GHSign of the TimesGrant HillBlue Devils
S-GRSign of the TimesGlenn RobinsonBoilermakers
S-HASign of the TimesAnfernee HardawayTigers
S-HMSign of the TimesHarold MinerTrojans
S-JESign of the TimesJulius ErvingMinutemen
S-JHSign of the TimesJames HardenSun Devils
S-JKSign of the TimesJason KiddGolden Bears
S-JLSign of the TimesJerry LucasBuckeyes
S-JMSign of the TimesJamal MashburnWildcats
S-JOSign of the TimesMichael JordanTar Heels
S-JSSign of the TimesJoe SmithTerrapins
S-JWSign of the TimesJay WilliamsBlue Devils
S-KASign of the TimesKenny AndersonYellow Jackets
S-KGSign of the TimesKendall GillFighting Illini
S-KKSign of the TimesKerry KittlesWildcats
S-KMSign of the TimesKarl MaloneBulldogs
S-KSSign of the TimesKeith SmartHoosiers
S-LBSign of the TimesLarry BirdSycamores
S-LJSign of the TimesLeBron JamesFighting Irish
S-LSSign of the TimesLonnie SheltonBeavers
S-MASign of the TimesDanny ManningJayhawks
S-MJSign of the TimesMagic JohnsonSpartans
S-OBSign of the TimesOtis BirdsongCougars
S-PGSign of the TimesPaul GeorgeBulldogs
S-RHSign of the TimesRobert HorryCrimson Tide
S-RRSign of the TimesRajon RondoWildcats
S-RSSign of the TimesRod StricklandBlue Demons
S-SBSign of the TimesShawn BradleyCougars
S-THSign of the TimesTim HardawayMiners
S-TKSign of the TimesToni Kukoc
S-TRSign of the TimesTheo RatliffCowboys

Credits: Ebay, Upper Deck

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