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Top 5 Speculations Why You Should Buy or Hold Kawhi Leonard Cards

by | Posted on: June 17th, 2014 | No Comments | NBA Sidelines
Kawhi Leonard Contenders

Kawhi Leonard Contenders

Kawhi Leonard cards are now selling like hot cakes in Ebay after being named as 2014 NBA Finals MVP. His Contenders RC Auto for example, can be bought for less than $20 two months ago and now is climbing up to $70 with one more day to go. Now, this is the big question which most of the collectors in the trading card collection world is asking “Should you sell or keep Kawhi Leonard Cards?”.

Here are the top 5 answers which I have in mind that will either hold or will continue to push his hobby value higher.

1. Points must be 20 PPG or more.

He already demonstrated in the NBA Finals that he is capable to make more than 20 points every game against the best team in the East and the former World Champions. Repeating that same success in the next season is very achievable.
2. Be an All Star

All Star game is one of the anticipated highlights in each of NBA season and this activity is purely for the fans. Being a member of West All Stars will add more glitter to his value and above all he should win the All Star MVP.

Another highlight of All Star Weekend is the Slam Dunk contest. Apart from Manu Ginobili, Leonard is the other Spurs player that can give us a slam dunk highlight reel. If he decides to join the slam dunk competition next year then winning the award is important.

3. More Dunks and ESPN highlights.

As mentioned above, slam dunk is one of his specialty but he should put more show to it. Just like how Paul George done it early this season, if there is a chance for a breakaway he must finish it with either a windmill or a 360 slam.

4. MVP or MIP

If he will be able to achieve a 20 points per game and lead the Spurs to another number one seed in the West or best record in the NBA then the least award that he can get is the Most Improved Player while the bigger fish is the Most Valuable Player.

5. Win another Championship and Finals MVP

This is where all the hype started and if he will able to duplicate it then his hobby value will also follow.

We all knew that the success of San Antonio Spurs came from the tactics drawn by Coach Greg Popovich and it’s all about ball rotation which makes their players unpredictable, opposing teams doesn’t know which player will explode against them.

The above list that I have written will make Kawhi Leonard more of a Lebron James or Kevin Durant type of a player but who knows one of the reasons why San Antonio won the Finals against the Heat is the aggressive game of Kawhi Leonard.

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