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5 Facts About Stephen Curry

by | Posted on: June 11th, 2015 | No Comments | NBA Sidelines

The 2015 NBA MVP looks like struggling in the league’s biggest stage the “2015 NBA Finals” against Lebron James team the Cleveland Cavaliers or shall we say against the tenacious defense of Matthew Dellavedova.

At the time of this writing they are down 2 – 1 but I still believe that great players always find ways to win games.

Anyway, here are the top 5 facts about Stephen Curry.

1. Drafted in 2009 as the 7th pick


Stephen Curry is indeed a talented basketball player even in his stint at Davidson College.

Probably the main reason why he landed at the 7th pick is because of his size.

Currently, Curry is the point of attraction why there are numerous articles about re-drafting the 2009 class and guess who will be picked as the 1st overall?

2. He is the son of Dell Curry, a three-point specialist during his time playing in the league.


Back in the 90s, the Charlotte Hornets is one of the NBA teams which is a consistent contender during the time of NBA Playoffs.

One of their weapons is their three-point shooting, apart from Glen Rice there is a player named Dell Curry who shoots .405 behind the arc (during his entire Hornets career).

No wonder where did Stephen Curry got his long-distance shooting skills, he got it from his Daddy :).

3. Holds the NBA record for 286 splashes.


Who can beat Stephen Curry as the best three-point shooter in the NBA… The answer? Stephen Curry.

The Warriors player who wear jersey number 30 beat his own career-best at 272 by logging 286 3-pointers in 2014-15 season.

This career-feat is a sure to be re-written as the current best player in the league still climbing and going to its prime years.

4. His real name is Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II


If you only read newspaper or even articles in the internet, you will always see that they will call his name as “Stephen” or “Steph” Curry.

However, if you dive in with the details, his real name is Wardell Stephen Curry II.

So don’t get surprised if one day you’ll read an article saying that Wardell Curry II shoots from half-court and wins the game :).

5. Got a trading card worth $9,999.95


Since most of our articles here are focused on basketball cards, we made a quick research in ebay to find how collectors reacted to the current success of Stephen Curry.

Was there any traction or movement in his trading card value? In our surprise, his Panini National Treasures RPA (Rookie Patch Autograph) which is considered as the holy grail of Curry cards already reached to $9,999.95.

Imagine how much that price will be if the Warriors will win a championship and Curry got declared as the 2015 NBA Finals MVP.

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