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Philippines Lost To China To Host FIBA 2019 World Cup

by | Posted on: August 8th, 2015 | No Comments | Other Sports

Yesterday the #Puso2019 turns out to be #HeartBreak2015 as our country fell short to host the FIBA 2019 World Cup. China got 14 votes while Philippines got only 7 after the final presentation which took place in Tokyo, Japan. Many of pinoy netizens feel sad about the news as they voiced out their sentiments on social media.



Now for the question why we lost to China to host the Basketball World Cup? Most likely the answer are the facilities. Below are the data posted in Wikipedia.





As you can see out of 6 proposed venues in Philippines, 2 are planned and 1 to be constructed while in China all of the proposed venues are ready for the game. Let’s not also forget that in 2008, China host the Olympics. These might be the two big factors FIBA officials considered when they casted their respective votes. Sure our passion for the game of basketball is over-the-roof but the available facilities and experience on hosting big international events are essential.

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