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Panini America Unveil Its Newest Product Called Eminence Basketball

by | Posted on: November 25th, 2015 | No Comments | Basketball Cards

Panini introduced several improvements to our beloved trading cards. From the integration of 14 karats gold, diamonds and rubies to the mesmerizing jumbo patches taken from a player’s jersey and sneakers.

If you think that Panini Flawless is the mother of all trading cards, well we need to rethink again. Just like the what-seems-to-be-unbreakable 15-0 best record to start a season in the NBA. Panini has just announced another product to its exciting lineup this year and it’s called “Panini Eminence Basketball.”

Checkout the below video and see what are the goodies in store for us. But, honestly I’m quite afraid what will be the market value of each box.

Here is the Checklist

  1. White Whale Platinum
  2. USA Basketball Patch Autographs
  3. ROY Tags Signatures
  4. Peerless Patch Autographs
  5. Patch Autographs
  6. Optimum Autographed Patches
  7. NBA Champions
  8. MVPs
  9. MVP Tags Signatures
  10. MVP Signatures Silver
  11. Logoman Autographs
  12. Larry O’Brien Trophy Signatures
  13. Jumbo Patch Autographs
  14. Immense Endorsements Patches
  15. HOF Patch Autographs
  16. Gilded Graphs
  17. Finals MVPs
  18. Finals MVP Signatures Silver
  19. Dual Cut Signatures Booklets
  20. Defensive POY
  21. Cut Signatures
  22. Championship Tags Signatures
  23. Base Autographs
  24. All-Star
  25. All-Star Tags Signatures
  26. All-Star Signatures Silver
  27. All-Star Jumbo Patches

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