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Watch: Stephen Curry Circus Shot From Way Beyond The Arc

by | Posted on: November 12th, 2015 | No Comments | NBA

Slam Dunk, Ankle-breaker crossover move, Magic(ish) blind pass. These are the few of the highlights we love to see in a basketball game especially in the NBA.

What about circus shot from almost the half-court line? Well… it seems the reigning NBA MVP just discovered a new move against the Memphis Grizzlies. How unstoppable Stephen Curry you asked? Just watch the video and figure out how to stop Curry and his Warriors team.

Third quarter action between Memphis and Golden State. Warriors stole the ball from a Zach Randolph pass then Curry led the attack but Russ Smith tries to take back the ball from him. Curry probably felt that Smith fouled him and to take advantage he launched a shot for a possible three free-throws. Unfortunately there’s no whistle from the Refs but fortunately the ball went in. Just Amazing!

The Warriors again show supremacy to Grizzlies for the second time this season, a 16-point lead at the end of the buzzer. Stephen Curry led Golden State with 28 points while Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes chipped in 20 points and 19 points respectively while Marc Gasol led the Memphis with 26 points. Final score Warriors 100 Grizzlies 84.

With that Warriors win, they have improved to 9 wins and still zero defeats. Here’s more of Curry’s highlight during the Grizzlies and Warriors game.

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