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5 Star Wars The Force Awakens Tumblers From SM City Cinema

by | Posted on: December 17th, 2015 | No Comments | Tumblers

So fortunate yesterday when me, wife and the kids went to SM City to buy some house stuff. Then me and my boy dropped by in SM City Cinema area to see what are the cool movies we can watch (of course a movie for the entire family) and this week it will be Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

starwars the force awakens tumbler action figures

We asked if there is an advanced screening and for sure there is, the only problem is that the ticket price is somehow above the price range I have in mind so we decided that we’ll watch it during the regular screening days.

One of the good things we also found are these Star Wars Tumblers. They’re intended during the advanced screening but the person in-charge in the snack bar told us that they’re now available for purchase. They only have 200 of these five cool Starwars characters so therefore we can say that these half-body action figures are limited edition.

So enough talk here are the Starwars The Force Awakens Tumblers.

First here is the Star Wars Tumbler itself.

Starwars Tumbler Front

starwars the force awakens tumbler front

Starwars Tumbler Back

starwars the force awakens tumbler back

1. First Order SnowTrooper Front View

first order snow trooper front

First Order SnowTrooper Left View

first order snow trooper left view

First Order SnowTrooper Back View

first order snow trooper back

First Order SnowTrooper Right View

first order snow trooper right

First Order SnowTrooper w/ Tumbler

star wars the force awakens tumbler first order snowtrooper

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