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Watch: This Is How Kent Bazemore Blocked A Shot And Gives Opponent Two Points

by | Posted on: December 3rd, 2015 | No Comments | NBA

There is a famous line for both players and coaches (and even fans) when it comes to winning… “The best offense is the best defense“. Regardless what sports you enjoy or playing, defense is one of the priorities that needs to be executed properly.

This is what Kent Bazemore demonstrated when Atlanta Hawks faced off Toronto Raptors in their home court.

First quarter of action between Hawks and Raptors, Atlanta has the ball position after Patterson‘s missed shot. Dennis Schröder doing the point guard job and sees Kent Bazemore asking for the ball. Kyle Lowry anticipated the pass and deflected the ball for an open fast break.

Bazemore chases down for the defense as he successfully blocks the layup of Lowry but unfortunately it appears that he helped Lowry to convert a basket.

“I just attacked early and tried to get to the basket early,” Lowry said. “They’re not really big-time shot-blockers, and I just wanted to attack the basket.”

In fairness to Bazemore‘s defensive effort, the guy finished the game with one monster block against DeMar Derozan. Kyle Lowry finished the game with 31 points and dished out 5 assists. Final score Hawks 86 Raptors 96.

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