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Zach Lavine’s Between-the-Legs From The Free-Throw Line Bags The NBA Slam Dunk 2016 Trophy

by | Posted on: February 14th, 2016 | No Comments | NBA

The NBA Slam Dunk competition is one of the highlights of the NBA All-Star Weekend. Sure, the other games during the span of the NBA break are also exciting but watching the NBA high-flying and dunk-hungry players is like giving an ice cream to a kid… so irresistible.

In 1976, Julius “Dr. J” Erving invented the “from-the-free-throw-line dunk” then after twelve years his Airness Michael Jordan re-invented that dunk by adding more force while putting the rock into the rim.

In 1994, Isaiah Rider introduced the between-the-legs dunk and in 1997, the youngster Kobe Bryant did it again but this time it’s more graceful to watch. After several NBA seasons, those the same dunks are being copied by several dunkers (off and on the NBA) and it appears that those dunks are no longer special to watch.

Fast forward to the future in 2016, there is a player from the Minnesota Timberwolves who also played in UCLA during his college days who combined the dunks of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and his name is Zach Lavine. Checkout the above highlight and I’m sure that if there’s a higher score than 10 then you’ll give it.

Zach Lavine also bagged the BBVA Rising Stars MVP by scoring 30 points, grabbing 7 rebounds with 4 dimes. The game was played between the NBA International Players (World) and NBA USA Players (USA). Final score USA 157 WLD 154.

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