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Tyler Ennis New Nike Jersey Got Accidentally Ripped

by | Posted on: October 1st, 2017 | No Comments | NBA

Tyler Ennis puts the new Nike sponsored jersey to a durable test and seems it doesn’t passed to his quality assurance department.

Tyler Ennis New Nike Jersey Got Accidentally Ripped

The 2017-18 NBA Preseason has started and one of game openers is the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In the fourth quarter, the Lakers were down by 15 points, 90-75 found a breakaway after Aaron Brooks missed a three-pointer.

Los Angeles’ post player grabbed the rebound then passed it to a streaking Tyler Ennis. It was a two-in-one fast break situation in favor for the guys that wears gold and purple uniform.

Ennis passed it to Jordan Clarkson to complete the fast break plus a foul.

It was a fast paced play as Ennis even not aware that his jersey was already ripped off until a dead-ball. Aaron Brooks was the culprit why almost the number 0 behind the uniform of Ennis was almost pulled out.

The Lakers lost the game and spoiled the preseason debut of Lonzo Ball, 108-99. Los Angeles next game is scheduled on October 3, 2017 (PHI time) and it’ll be against the Denver Nuggets.

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