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Highlights: 2018 NBA All-Star Game

by | Posted on: February 19th, 2018 | No Comments | NBA

The team LeBron was able to edge the team Stephen in their duel at the 2018 NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles, California.

The new NBA All-Star format is now in full effect as basketball fans around the world has witnessed the team assembled by Stephen Curry and the squad called by LeBron James.

So there’s no four-point line nor a 10-point half-court line in this 67th edition of NBA mid-season festivities. Adam Silver thrown those ideas during his March 4, 2017 interview which was also published in

However, the big change is the draft style of how they selected players who will be participating in the game. The NBA has followed the likes of NHL All-Star Game (from 2011 to 2015) and the NFL Pro Bowl (from 2014 to 2016). NBA was then looking to change the old Eastern Conference versus Western Conference format after both league officials and NBA fans seen a less competitive All-Star game last year.

This 2018, it was evident that players are now throwing effort especially on the defensive end. Joel Embiid was seen swatting several shots, Russell Westbrook was one of his victims. The highlight reels coming from slam dunks or from an alley-oop pass which is probably the main seasoning of the All-Star game are still present and audience can still say the “Ohhhsss” and “Wooowwws”.

The game was tight, each time team Stephen made a run team LeBron will make a counter-attack and just in a matter of few minutes the score will tie again. In the last and final quarter, team Stephen was leading at 144-141 but that it all got tied up after LeBron James converted his step-back three-pointer against the long arms of Joel Embiid.

Then Paul George had the opportunity to give team LeBron a two-point lead with less than 45 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. His shot was denied by Embiid and the position shifted to team Stephen’s side. George committed a personal foul that puts Demar Derozan body sliding in the floor.

Derozan was given a two free-throws but he splits his shot from the charity line. Derozan gave a one-point breather for his team as the ball-position goes back to team LeBron’s area.

With less than 40 second remaining in the game, Russell Westbrook decided to make a strong drive to the basket and as defender clogged his path to the basket he found Kyrie Irving inside the post then “Uncle Drew” also found a much open LeBron James in front of the basket for an easy two-points. Team LeBron was ahead, 146-145.

Highlights: 2018 NBA All-Star Game

With time winding down, Stephen Curry had the final chance to tie the game once more and can send the game to an overtime. However, his sight to the basket was covered by LeBron James and his teammate from Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant. Curry wasn’t even able to throw the ball to make an attempt but he passed it to Demar Derozan who also missed their team’s last shot.

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