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Watch: NBA Best Crossover Moves – Week 23 | Compilation Video

by | Posted on: March 26th, 2019 | No Comments | NBA

Here is the NBA compilation video of crossover moves for Week 23.

Here are the few highlights that you can watch on the above video.

  • It is the reigning MVP, James harden of the Houston Rockets using his sick dribbling skills to fool the shooting guard of the Atlanta Hawks, Kent Bazemore then finishes with a teardrop.
  • It is the point guard of the Charlotte Hornets, Kemba Walker crosses over his defender then steps back for an open three.
  • It is the young rookie of the Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young fools his defender by faking a behind-the-back then finishes with a beautiful reverse lay-up.
  • It is the elite point guard of the Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving uses his elite abilities in dribbling the ball to fool the power forward of the Denver Nuggets, Mason plumlee then steps back for an open jumper.
  • The two-time MVP of the league, Stephen Curry showing his craftiness in dribbling the ball with speedy dribbling then steps back for three over the hand of Bojan Bogdanovic.
  • Small forward from Australia of the Utah Jazz, Joe Ingles being like James Harden by stepping back in front of his defender for an open three.
  • Point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers, Patrick Beverley sells a pump fake then blows by Bojan Bogdanovic and then finishes it with a simple teardrop leaving Bogdanovic laying on the ground.
  • Speedy point guard of the Sacramento Kings, De’Aaron Fox using his quickness to pass by 2 Mavericks then finishes it down the rim with an emphatic one-handed slam.
  • Crafty point guard of the Houston Rockets, Chris Paul doing what he does best by faking a behind-the-back and by selling a jump shot then passes it to Kenneth Faried for an open lay-up.
  • Point guard of the Chicago Bulls, Chris Dunn using his quickness to blow by the point guard of the Washington Wizards, Tomas Satoransky then finishes at the rim with a foul beat.
  • And a lot more…

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