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Kyle Kuzma Ok With The Idea On Changing NBA Logo To Kobe Silhouette

by | Posted on: February 3rd, 2020 | No Comments |

Los Angeles Lakers young forward Kyle Kuzma felt glad to know of the idea on changing the NBA logo to Kobe Bryant silhouette.

For a very long time, the NBA is using the same logo and to many basketball most especially the NBA fans they knew that the silhouette is Jerry West who is also known as the logoman.

Back in August 2017, in an article published by the Washington Post, West no longer wants to be in the logo and thinks that it’s high time someone else was handed the honor.

That high time may be now as thousands of fans petitioning for the league to use the silhouette of Kobe as the NBA logo.

Kuzma is one of those Kobe fans agree with the idea but at the same time, he’s ok if the league stick with their existing logo.

“It’d be great if the NBA did that,” Kuzma said. “Obviously he meant a lot to the game, but Jerry West meant a lot to the game too. So that’s a decision the league has to make, but I would not be opposed to it at all.”