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Trae Young Says That He Will Surpass Stephen Curry As NBA’s Best Shooter In Just A Year

by | Posted on: April 6th, 2020 | No Comments |

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young was confident that he will surpass Golden State Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry as the league’s best shooter in just a year.

Young made that revelation during Wednesday’s episode of Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast in The Big podcast with Shaq.

The former Los Angeles Lakers big-man put Young on the spot where he threw the big question, ‘How many years before you overtake Steph Curry as the best shooter in the league?’.

At first, Trae Young was hesitant to answer the question but after plenty of goading from Shaq and from his co-host finally, the Hawks prolific shooter answered and he says ‘a year’.

Most likely the young Hawks guard realized that he is now under pressure by uttering those words, he added that he needed to work hard.

Before the league postponed its 2019-20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Young was shooting 36.1% from beyond the three-point arc while Stephen Curry was still starting to feel the new NBA season after he got sidelined due to a hand injury.