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NBA Full Game Highlights: Miami Heat (MIA) vs Toronto Raptors (TOR) │ January 30, 2022 │ 2021-2022 NBA Season

by | Posted on: January 30th, 2022 | No Comments |

Here are the scores, updates, and results of the NBA 2021-2022 Regular Season between the Miami Heat (MIA) vs the Toronto Raptors (TOR) on January 30, 2022 (All times are in Philippine Standard Time) at the FTX Arena.

The Toronto Raptors triumphs over the Miami Heat after playing for three additional periods in the contest.

Both teams played their hearts out within this matchup and it even lasted three overtimes. At the end of the game, the Raptors came out top in the FTX Arena, making every Heat fan look down.

With only five seconds left to play in the fourth quarter, the Raptors find themselves down by two points. Barnes drove towards the rim and kicks it out to Anunoby outside the three-point line. Anunoby fires it up but missed the game-winning shot. Barnes soars for the offensive tip but was fouled, resulting in him to take two crucial free-throw shots where he calmly made both of them. On the other end, Butler raised up on the perimeter to win the game but did not get it off in time, sending the matchup to its first overtime.

With 1:15 to go, Butler sets up Vincent who is waiting in the corner, and delivers it as he gave his team a two-point lead. After a couple of possessions by both teams, Trent Jr. accelerates to the rim and got hardly fouled from behind. Because of this, he took two charity stripe shots and sank both of them. The last shot was a bit of a nail-biter as it touched all parts of the rim and even nearly went out. On the next play, Butler turns over the ball with 2.3 seconds left and the Raptors immediately calls time out. The Raptors then orchestrated a quick lob for a game-winning two-pointer, but the pass got intercepted by the Heat. However, Anunoby regains the ball and almost heat a three-pointer that could have concluded the crucial contest.

As every second that goes by, the anxiety just gets even higher. With 45 seconds left in the second overtime, Siakam gets double-teamed and finds VanVleet wide open for a deep three-pointer that earns them a two-point lead at 114-112. On the next possession, Tyler Herro goes one-on-one against Trent Jr. and ties the game as he tips his shot back in after he misses his initial shot.

After that, with six seconds remaining, Trent Jr. spots up for a three-pointer but did not make the shot. Both teams scramble for the rebound, but it ended up in Vincent’s hands. The 25-year old guard ran towards the rim and makes a running three-pointer. The fans threw up their hands but were then in dismay after realizing that the Heat called timeout before the shot. That means that the Heat missed a huge opportunity to win the contest. Herro then puts up a tear-drop but was not able to make it after their huddle.

Herro, who has been struggling all throughout the matchup, opens the third quarter with a three-point shot that gives his team a three-point advantage. VanVleet then pulls up another deep three-pointer that ties the game at 117-117. After a couple of possessions, when the Heat was inbounding the ball, Anunoby frees up and slams down a jam. Herro then misses a driving layup on the other end but Adebayo gets the offensive rebounds. Unfortunately, the big man turns over the ball as VanVleet steals the ball. VanVleet then makes another long three-pointer, giving his team a five-point margin with 2:17 to go.

Vincent comes back with his own three-point shot on the other end as he narrows the lead back to two. On the next possession, Siakam drove towards the rim but was called for an offensive foul. The Raptors challenges it but was unsuccessful. Tucker inbounds the ball for the Heat and finds Herro who then raises up for a three-pointer but rattles out of the rim. The Raptors then secured the rebound and Siakam sank down two free-throws shots that gave their team a four-point lead to seal the deal. On the other end, Vincent attempts a three-pointer, but steps out of bounds before the shot. After that, the Heat let the Raptors dribble the ball as the time expires, finishing a legendary game with the road team winning.

All of the Raptors’ starters gave all of their efforts as all of them have played for more than or equal to 56 minutes of action against the Heat. Siakam leads the team with 57 minutes of game time with 21 points and 13 rebounds on 7-18 shooting for the team. Trent Jr. led the team in scoring, scoring 33 points, and made five three-point shots. VanVleet tallied 19 points and sank two crucial three-pointers in the third overtime.

Barnes added 22 points while Anunoby had 20 points and grabbed 14 huge boards, four of them are offensive rebounds. Both players played 56 minutes.

Butler led the Heat with a huge triple-double, recording 37 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists while shooting 14-26. The veteran forward also played for 52 minutes. Vincent came up big in the last moments of the game. The Nigerian-American guard scored 17 points and made five three-pointers. Herro ended the game with 45 minutes played and scored 13 points, but was not consistent with his shots, hitting only five of his 22 attempts. Adebayo added 14 points and 16 rebounds, ending another game with a double-double while Tucker had 11 for the team.

Martin and Strus both provided scoring production from the bench as both of them scored 11 points.

Miami’s Kyle Lowry has missed his seventh straight game. The former Raptors is currently out due to personal reasons.

Heat vs Raptors

28-27; 26-22; 15-25; 5-5; 9-9; 6-10

The scores:

Heat (120) – Butler 37, Vincent 17, Adebayo 14, Herro 13, Tucker 11
Raptors (124) – Trent Jr. 33, Barnes 22, Siakam 21, Anunoby 20, VanVleet 19