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Golden State’s Draymond Green Reveals Strategy to Contain Victor Wembanyama

by | Posted on: July 5th, 2023 | No Comments |

In a recent appearance on Paul George’s podcast, Draymond Green opened up about the unique challenge of defending Victor Wembanyama, the towering 7’4″ rookie for the San Antonio Spurs. Green, known for his defensive prowess, made it clear that he won’t back down from the formidable task of containing the phenom on the court.

Acknowledging the significant height difference between himself and Wembanyama, with the rookie towering almost 10 inches above him, Green emphasized the importance of preventing the young player from finding his comfort zone. The key, according to Green, is to crowd Wembanyama early in the game, denying him the space and ease he needs to exploit his size advantage.

“You’re not just dribbling through me like the Harlem Globetrotters,” Green confidently asserted during the Podcast P episode.

Green understands the need to disrupt Wembanyama’s rhythm and prevent him from settling into a comfortable position. He plans to apply defensive pressure from the get-go, whether it’s by rushing down the court or pressing the rookie as soon as the possession ends. By doing so, Green aims to unsettle Wembanyama and limit his impact on the game.

While acknowledging Wembanyama’s size and potential challenges, Green also pointed out that height can become a disadvantage in the NBA. As players reach this level, they encounter opponents who possess equal or greater strength, speed, and the ability to play lower to the ground—where the low man typically has the advantage.

Green’s remarks provide a glimpse into the strategic mindset of one of the league’s top defenders. By sharing his plan to neutralize Wembanyama’s size, Green not only demonstrates his competitive spirit but also highlights the mental preparation and tactical approach required to excel in the NBA.

As the 2023 season approaches and fans eagerly anticipate Wembanyama’s regular-season debut, the revelation of Green’s defensive strategy adds an extra layer of excitement. NBA enthusiasts will be watching closely to see how Wembanyama responds to the challenges posed by seasoned veterans like Green and how he adapts his game to counter their defensive tactics.

As the Golden State Warriors gear up for the new season, Green’s determination to face off against Wembanyama serves as a testament to his commitment to the team’s success. With his defensive prowess and strategic insights, Green aims to stifle the young rookie’s impact.

The stage is set for an intriguing matchup between these two players with contrasting physical attributes. Only time will tell who will come out on top, but one thing is certain: Draymond Green’s defensive tenacity and unwavering confidence make this battle one to watch in the upcoming NBA season.