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Kai Sotto Eagerly Awaits His Historic Debut with the Orlando Magic in NBA Summer League

by | Posted on: July 11th, 2023 | No Comments |

Kai Sotto, the highly-touted Filipino basketball prodigy, is patiently waiting for his opportunity to step onto the court for the Orlando Magic’s NBA Summer League team. In a recent feature by NBA Philippines, Sotto expressed his satisfaction with the process and his enjoyment of the training sessions in both Orlando and Las Vegas.

“It’s pretty good so far,” Sotto said in an interview with NBA Philippines. “I’m enjoying the process. We started training in Orlando, and then now in Vegas. It’s been fun.”

Having joined the Magic’s practices in early July, Sotto has been training alongside other top rookies on the team, including Anthony Black and Jett Howard. “I’m surrounded by really good guys and coaches. It’s been a fun experience so far,” the former Atenean said.

Despite not having played in the Magic’s two Summer League losses, Sotto remains focused on making a strong impression on his coaches by showcasing his skills and being a valuable teammate. “I’m just trying to show the coaches that I’m a good teammate, a good player,” he said. “I’ll be ready whenever they call my name.”

Sotto’s dedication to continuous learning is evident as he immerses himself in the NBA environment. “I’m just trying to learn from everybody, from all the things that are happening to us,” he shared. By soaking in all the knowledge and experiences, Sotto aims to develop his game and be prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Representing the Philippines wherever he goes, Sotto is aware of the nation’s anticipation for his success in reaching the NBA stage. “Everywhere I go, I represent the Philippines,” he emphasized. With the weight of his country on his shoulders, Sotto is motivated to put in the work necessary to excel and make his nation proud.

As the NBA Summer League unfolds, basketball enthusiasts eagerly await Kai Sotto’s debut on the court for the Orlando Magic. With his passion, dedication, and determination, Sotto is poised to make a significant impact as he continues his journey towards achieving his NBA aspirations.