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Lakers 2023-24 Big Men And Forwards Preview: Chasing Championship Glory

by | Posted on: September 24th, 2023 | No Comments | Sports

As the Lakers gear up for the 2023-24 season, anticipation and excitement fill the air. After a successful 2022-23 campaign that saw them reach the Conference Finals, the team is hungry for more. With a mix of established stars, promising newcomers, and intriguing camp battles on the horizon, the Lakers are poised to make a serious run at an NBA championship.

In this article, we delve into the team’s forward and big man positions, examining the key players, potential camp battles, and the X-factors that could define their season.

At the heart of the Lakers’ frontcourt is none other than Anthony Davis, a versatile force on both ends of the court. With a decade of NBA experience under his belt, Davis remains one of the league’s most dominant players. In the 2022-23 season, he showcased his prowess, making a strong case for MVP and Defensive Player of the Year honors. As he enters his 12th season, expectations are high, and Davis is ready to lead the Lakers on another deep playoff journey.

Rui Hachimura’s arrival in Los Angeles via a mid-season trade from Washington injected new energy into the Lakers’ rotation. He quickly established himself as a key contributor, elevating his game during the playoffs and helping the team reach the Conference Finals. His decision to re-sign as a free agent demonstrates his commitment to building on that success and taking the next step in his career as a Lakers player.

Jaxson Hayes, a former lottery pick, joined the Lakers during the offseason, bringing with him a hunger to compete for minutes in a crowded big man rotation. Hayes aims to secure the primary backup center role behind Anthony Davis and provide valuable contributions in various lineups alongside the star players.

LeBron James, now in his 21st season, continues to defy age and expectations. He recently became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and earned a spot on the Third Team All-NBA. While LeBron has nothing left to prove in his illustrious career, his hunger for a fifth championship remains undiminished.

Jarred Vanderbilt, acquired mid-season via trade, injected defensive tenacity and high energy into the Lakers’ roster. His gritty style of play and versatility on both ends of the floor make him a valuable asset, complementing the team’s superstar talent.

Christian Wood, known for his offensive prowess and versatility as a big man, arrived in Los Angeles from Dallas. His scoring ability, including three-point shooting and interior scoring, adds depth and flexibility to the Lakers’ lineup.

With such a deep and talented frontcourt, the Lakers have an abundance of options to consider. As the team gears up for the season, two notable camp battles emerge, each with its own set of dynamics.

The first camp battle to watch closely is for the primary backup center position behind Anthony Davis. While Davis assumes the starting center role, the competition for valuable minutes behind him is fierce. Christian Wood offers an enticing offensive skill set, capable of spacing the floor and attacking defenses in multiple ways. His ability to maintain offensive efficiency while contributing defensively and on the boards could earn him a significant role in Coach Ham’s game plan.

On the other hand, Jaxson Hayes provides a more traditional approach as an interior finisher and rim protector. His athleticism and shot-blocking ability make him a valuable asset around the rim. Coach Ham may choose to leverage these different skill sets strategically based on game situations, offering a dynamic rotation that keeps opponents guessing.

Another intriguing camp battle centers around the starting forward position alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Last season, Jarred Vanderbilt predominantly filled this role, contributing with his tenacious defense and team-focused offensive play. His ability to guard various types of players and provide low-usage offensive contributions adds balance to the starting lineup.

Rui Hachimura, while starting in just 10 of his combined 49 regular season and playoff appearances last season, has showcased his ability to fit seamlessly alongside LeBron and AD. He excels in transition, spot-up shooting, and isolation plays, providing versatility to the offense. Statistical evidence suggests that the Lakers have performed well with Hachimura on the floor alongside their star duo.

Having multiple qualified options for this position is a luxury for Coach Ham, as quality depth is essential for a championship-contending team. The ability of both players to contribute in different ways allows the team to adapt to various game situations.

As training camp approaches, one player stands out as a potential X-factor for the Lakers – Christian Wood. Known for his scoring ability, Wood has often been a primary option or a focal point on previous teams. However, in the Lakers’ star-studded lineup, he is more likely to find himself playing alongside LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and other talented playmakers.

Wood’s ability to adapt to a different role, where he may not have as high a usage rate, will be crucial. It’s not just about his offensive contributions but also his defensive commitment. The Lakers’ success last season was partly driven by their strong defense, and Coach Ham expects players to buy into the team’s defensive identity and execute their roles.

In addition to his adaptation, Wood’s effectiveness in different lineup combinations will be closely monitored. Playing with various ball handlers and shot creators offers him a unique opportunity to showcase his versatility.

In conclusion, the Lakers enter the 2023-24 season with a formidable roster filled with talent, depth, and intriguing dynamics. The camp battles for backup center and starting forward positions add an extra layer of excitement, while Christian Wood’s adaptation to his new role could be a determining factor in the team’s success. With high expectations and championship aspirations, the Lakers are ready to make their mark in the upcoming season.