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Lillard Rumors: Trail Blazer Star Still Wants to Join Miami If Portland Sends Him Elsewhere

by | Posted on: September 21st, 2023 | No Comments | Sports

“There hasn’t been any major updates in Damian Lillard’s trade request from the Portland Trail Blazers, and it doesn’t sound like the team is anywhere closer to getting a deal done,” reports have indicated. Lillard, the star point guard of the Trail Blazers, has made it clear that he wants to be traded to the Miami Heat, a move that has sent shockwaves through the NBA. However, the path to realizing this trade request has been fraught with challenges and uncertainties.

Lillard’s desire to join the Miami Heat has been the focal point of this trade saga. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported that if Lillard is traded anywhere other than Miami, he would still request to be traded to the Heat. This tunnel vision has put the Portland Trail Blazers in a difficult position because most teams are hesitant to trade for a player who may not commit to playing for them.

As the stalemate between Lillard and the Blazers continues, it seems increasingly likely that he will eventually end up in Miami. However, the Heat must present a compelling trade package to entice the Trail Blazers. The current offer, centered around promising young player Tyler Herro and some draft picks, has not been enough to seal the deal. To make a trade of this magnitude happen, it might require the involvement of a third team to meet the Blazers’ demands.

But finding that elusive third trade partner has proven to be a tricky endeavor. The Heat are keen on acquiring Lillard while giving up as little as possible. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski weighed in on the situation, stating, “The goal isn’t to just get Damian Lillard. It’s to get Damian Lillard for as little as you have to give up to be able to still have the ability to put a team around Jimmy Butler, Lillard, Bam Adebayo in Miami.”

Portland’s reluctance to engage in serious talks with Miami has only complicated matters. The Trail Blazers seem disinterested in rushing into a deal with the Heat, preferring to explore their options as the start of training camp approaches in early October. As Wojnarowski pointed out, “They’re essentially daring Portland to go out into the marketplace, which Portland is doing, and see if they can find better.”

While Miami remains Lillard’s preferred destination, other teams have reportedly expressed interest. The Toronto Raptors, for instance, have “kicked the tires” on a potential Lillard trade, according to Action Sports Network NBA writer Matt Moore. This has created a sense of uncertainty in the league, with some wondering if they will become a “weigh station” for Lillard until he reaches his desired location.

Despite the ongoing trade drama, Damian Lillard has remained measured in his public comments about the situation. He acknowledged that, in a perfect world, he would spend his entire career in Portland but noted that circumstances had changed. “You don’t want the same thing no more, and you show me that you don’t want the same thing,” he said in a podcast appearance.

Lillard has also shown respect for the Golden State Warriors, a team near his hometown of Oakland. However, he made it clear that he couldn’t join the Warriors, who have already won four championships. He emphasized that he couldn’t simply return to his home team with the intent of winning a title, saying, “Like, what I look like going to try to do that and say, ‘oh, I’m joining my home team.’ Like, no.”

As the NBA world waits in anticipation, the Damian Lillard trade saga continues to unfold. With training camps set to open soon, it remains to be seen whether a deal will be struck, or if Lillard will indeed find his way to the Miami Heat, as he so passionately desires. Until then, the league remains on edge, eagerly awaiting the next twist in this captivating storyline.