Pinoy Box Break

About the Blogger

Hi, my name is Warren and I’m the blogger of my primary collection are NBA Basketball cards and Hotwheels. I have started to enter the hobby of basketball cards way back 1994 or during the rookie years of Grant Hill and Jason Kidd. That same year was also the year where Michael Jordan left NBA and went playing baseball instead and then went to showbiz career where he starred in Warner Brother’s Space Jam, surely the rest is… history.

For my hotwheels career, I have entered this hobby somewhere in 2011 and it was my son who introduced me on this hobby. Just like basketball cards, these little cars also have some monetary value not really a very good investment (that can make someone super rich )but at least there’s a possibility that can be resell in the future with higher amount (as long as you know what you’re doing).

A part from the above mentioned hobby, I might post sometimes other collectible items like stamps, cans, shoes (sneaker heads) and other things that can be hoarded which can make once wife or girlfriend curios of what their man is doing.

As what Tony Starks said in IRON MAN 3 “Everyone needs a hobby“.