Pinoy Box Break

OFW Sheerlyn Gerasta Finally Returned To His Family And Forgot Her Engineer In Saudi?

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Sheerlyn Gerasta the OFW who got deported from Saudi was seen in a video together with her family but this time it’s now full of joy. (more…)

Trending: China’s JoyRulBee Imitates Jollibee?

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Philippines famous fast-food chain, Jollibee got its imitation in China called “JoyRulBee”? (more…)

ESNCHS Radio Broadcasting Practice Went Viral On Social Media

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Students from the Eastern Samar National Comprehensive High School were captured in a video doing their practice for their radio broadcasting that ended to be an online sensation. (more…)

Netizen Ordered Cellphone From An Online Seller, Received Soy Sauce Instead

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A certain netizen ordered a gadget from an online seller but when the item arrived in his doorsteps it wasn’t a gadget but a soy sauce. (more…)

Meet Nikki San Diego Lejano, The Lovely School Teacher That Shook The Internet

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Ms. Nikki San Diego Lejano shook the world wide web after she posted her selfie on her social media account. (more…)

Sampaguita Girl Veronica Rodillas Was Featured In A Photo Book Back In 2013

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Veronica Rodillas or also known as the Sampaguita Girl was featured in a photo book back in 2013. (more…)

Snoop, The Abandoned Dog Soon To Be Adopted By Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg a well-known Rap star offered a new home to Snoop after seeing the dog’s viral video. (more…)

Teacher Got Surprised, Only One Of His Students Shows Up After The Long Holiday

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There’s only one student who shows up after the long 2018 Christmas break was over. (more…)

Pokwang’s Partner Lee O’Brian Tried To Learn How To Speak Tagalog, Sang “Bahay Kubo”

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Pokwang’s real-life partner Lee O’Brian tried to learn how to speak in tagalog and even sang the popular folk song “Bahay Kubo”. (more…)

Meet Veronica Rodillas Also Known As The Sampaguita Girl

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Ms.Veronica Rodillas beauty mesmerized thousands of netizen after her photo went viral on social media before new year. (more…)

Unique Bridal Car Spotted In Bacolod Went Viral

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A netizen who is passing along the streets of Gonzaga-Bonifacio has spotted a unique bridal car used by the newly-weds. (more…)

A New “Badjao Girl” Has Just Been Discovered

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Still remember Rita Gaviola who shook the social media and then later tagged as the “Badjao Girl” because of her natural beauty? (more…)

Pinay Housemaid Just Sitting And Watching While Her Employer Are Eating

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A certain Pinay housemaid was seen in a mall’s food-court just sitting and staring while her employer are enjoying their foods. (more…)

Something Got Slipped From Heart Evangelista’s Costume

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“Mulawin vs Ravena” is currently one of the popular shows in GMA Telebabad programs. (more…)

Look: Who’s This Kapamilya Actress Wanted To Take A Picture With Scottie Thompson?

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Scottie Earl “the Pearl” Thompson is one of the hottest players donning the Barangay Ginebra uniform in this generation. (more…)