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36 dead While 147 Injured at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport

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Binali Yildirim , the Turkish Prime Minister stated Wednesday that early indications suggested Daesh was associated with a triple suicide bombing at Istanbul airport, as he revealed the death count in the strike had gone up to 36. (more…)

A Black Day For Europe After Terrorist Attacked Brussels, Belgium

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A terrorist attack at one of the world’s most powerful nation, Belgium, which is also the head office of the European Union is regarded as a “Black Day for Europe,” based on a German Justice Minister Heiko Maas on his official Twitter account. (more…)

55 Passengers Along With Its 7 Crews Killed In FlyDubai Crash

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A passenger plane from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, FlyDubai Flight FZ981 crashed on landing right after traveling from Dubai to the southern area of Russia. (more…)