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18 Nations Having Beautiful Women In Their Armed Forces

by | Posted on: January 21st, 2016 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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Largest part of soldiers are usually men however it does not imply that there’s no spot for females anymore.


They perform a large function within the armed forces and each and every year their numbers continue to increase along with their roles are expanding.

They were not allowed to take part in any military activities back in the days but this time they’re battling alongside with men.

Here we come up with a selection of nations which have the most beautiful women in military forces in the world, gorgeous enough to become a supermodel or even joining any beauty competition however they decided to serve as well as protect their nation.

1. Australia



Aussie ladies began serving the Australian armed forces in 1899 but they’re just limited in medical functions up until the World War 2. In 1942, their roles has broadened in providing a support assignments and enabling them as a staff in submarines.

In 2011, the Australian government authorized females to combat in front-lines.


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