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55 Passengers Along With Its 7 Crews Killed In FlyDubai Crash

by | Posted on: March 19th, 2016 | No Comments | World News
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A passenger plane from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, FlyDubai Flight FZ981 crashed on landing right after traveling from Dubai to the southern area of Russia.


cbc news

Russian authorities verified on Saturday that all 55 passengers aboard along with its seven crew members were all killed in the mishap when their airplane gone down as it attempted to land.

Authorities said that prior to the unlucky event, the airplane needed to abandon a primary try to land at Rostov, the scheduled location of the flight journey from Dubai, and came down whilst making a repeat effort.

Based on the information of the Dubai-based air carrier FlyDubai, the majority of the travellers onboard were Russians, it was also verified by the regional Governor in Southern Russia in an interview with different TV stations.

The Associated Press noted the plane “hit the ground and broke into pieces” at the airport, around 600 miles south of Moscow. The maker Boeing released a statement recognizing the crash and also offering up technical assistance in the investigation.

Also, as it was published in CBC News a CCTV camera was able to capture the tragedy from a far. One resident living nearby the crash site was interviewed by a State-owned Rossiya-24 who was woken up by the explosion. “The housed started shaking. I looked out of the window: the sky was red and in a few seconds it was over,” said the woman.

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