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A Homeless Man’s Dog Was Shot Dead By A Policeman

by | Posted on: December 24th, 2018 | No Comments | News
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In Barcelona, Spain Sota, a loyal dog was shot dead defending his human from Policeman who was trying to arrest him.

The inseparable best buddy are seen selling handicrafts on the street and sleeps with his dog near the parking lot of Gran Via Hotel.

The tragedy happened when the management of the said Hotel were disturbed by their presence and called the attention of the authorities.

According to the witness, the boy was bashed up by the police when they came. One of them pulled out an extendable club.

The dog got nervous and begun to barked. The owner tried to control his dog which only wanted to protect him. But one of the police shot the dog that resulted of his sudden death.

Lying on the floor with his own blood the poor helpless dog was seen wagging his tail. Looking at his owner while having commotion.

An estimated 3,000 activists and other various animal group protest in front of Plaza Sant Jaume to seek justice.

The incident drew the attention of many Spanish people.

Here are few of the comments from netizens.


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