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BB Gandanghari Got Bullied At His Workplace?

by | Posted on: March 25th, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment
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BB Gandanghari was reported that he got bullied and was the reason why he is in a hospital.

According to his instagram post, he was advised by his doctor to pause from his work as he experiencing extreme emotional distress and sever anxiety.

That was the reason why his blood pressure to spike.

Say NO to workplace BULLYING…. What would you do when you’re transgender and your personal and professional boundaries are being violated and attacked in a work environment who claims to be a SAFE ZONE for people like me? 🆘
My body’s a train wreck that I was advised by my doctor to pause from work as I deal with this extreme emotional distress and severe anxiety attack that’s causing my blood pressure to shoot up. So help me God. 🙏

BB Gandanghari is currently based in California, USA. In 2016 he got an approval from a Los Angeles court of law to legally change his gender as well as his name.

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