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Brian Velasco’s Girlfriend Breaks Her Silence On Razorback’s Drummer Sudden Death

by | Posted on: January 18th, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment
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Ms. Portia Carlos the girlfriend of Razorback’s drummer Brian Velasco breaks her silence on the unexpected death of her boyfriend.

She uses her official facebook account to convey her message especially to those who are planning to either share or tag Velasco’s video or even a screenshot to her.

“We, the closest, have not seen it. I don’t ever want to see it. Not even a screenshot. Please think of that when you feel like sharing or spreading it. PLEASE DON’T BE A PARTY TO ME SEEING IT.
People going to the wake, don’t mindlessly discuss how you felt about parts of it with me. I understand you hurt also but please process what you saw and how you felt about it with somebody else.
Please don’t tag me in your tributes or photos with him either. I only want to see them when I’m ready to see them.”

Likewise, Portia shared a video during the birthday of Brian. She is remembering the beautiful memories she have with her boyfriend.

You said the other day “I love you too much”. I love you with my whole whole heart.
We were not in the bf-gf we’re gonna get married and have kids stage. We were already talking about getting health insurance for when we grow old together and preparing for the day when all the abuse on our livers and lungs and bad yummy food kick in.

Last Wednesday, the local showbiz especially in the music industry got shocked after the sad news broke out.

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