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Brian Velasco’s Girlfriend Wrote An Official Statement To Debunk Rumors About Her Boyfriend’s Sudden Death

by | Posted on: January 28th, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment
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Portia Carlos addressed several rumors connecting to the sudden death of her boyfriend, Brian Velasco who was the drummer of the rock band known as the Razorback.

Sa nangloko sakin sa wake whom i assumed was Brian's friend and was talking to me like a regular wake vistor, and yun pala will write an article about what you were able to squeeze out of me habang nakikiramay ka kunyari, and now other media outfits have material for "Brian Velasco's gf finally speaks up about the suicide", all that you wrote is BS. One day i will belie all that you twisted. Also alll the lies, diagnoses of his conditon, assumptions, and imagined scenarios of what prompted the act, that have been written. Because all of these will stay on the internet forever. And that's unfair to Brian and a disrespect to his memory and who he really was.
But for now, para hindi na lalo kumalat yung twisted and misleading "quotes", all i want to say is what you said about me saying we were together and not quite, is BS. Kasi manganganak pa yan ng assumptions that this was lovelife related and he had no full support. We have separate units in the condo only bec my shih tzu is evil and his dogs are nice, and all our efforts to train my dog and his recently departed dog to co-exist failed. In fact, we spent several hours the last saturday and sunday training my shih tzu and the new puppy to co-exist bec we hoped there was a chance to move in together soon since a puppy might be easier for my shih tzu to tolerate.
This video was taken a few days before jan 16. We spent hours training the 2 because we really wanted to move closer to my work place this summer and live in ONE UNIT so we dont have to pay for 2 broadband subscriptions, 2 meralco bills, and 2 assoc dues, and all bec of one shih tzu's anger management issues.
And only those who know his true medical conditon know that he wasn't depressed. A sudden manic or depressive episode is different from depression.
Panchito super made him happy after Alfie died, we had plans to try isla sugba and go to the beach with the 2 dogs soon. Razorback has a major major project that he's been so giddy about lately. He was hanging out with his best friend and brothers sound-tripping these past few days. He was excited and planning the first recital of his drum students and in fact asked one of his students' moms a few days before if they were planning to go on a trip soon kasi kasali anak niya sa recital that he's scheduling. He had everything going for him. He wasn't depressed. And he wasn't alone and isolated.

Posted by Portia Carlos on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Carlos sent her official statement to Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (or PUSH) where she shed lights to why Brian jumped from the balcony of his condo unit.

Depression isn’t the reason why Brian ended his life but because of a bipolar disorder. He’s experiencing sudden mood swing because of that condition.

“If a person with the disorder experienced the highest 10 and the lowest 1 (when experiencing events that only warranted say, a 3 or a 7 reaction) the medication Brian received made him stay in the normal range, in the middle where we, who do not have the condition, are. But the doctor said that it will take a few days before the meds would take effect. Knowing that I was watching him 24/7, the doctor told me I can rest when he’s in the low state. The doctor explained that people with bipolar disorder, unlike people with functioning depression, do not have the energy to kill themselves. SO, NO. HE WAS NOT DEPRESSED. And I have seen his few-days-only depressive episodes several times. He would just lie on the sofa or on the bed, and can’t even bring himself to the bathroom to shower, nor feed the dog or himself.”

There’s also a rumor that the reason was the passing of his dog “Alfie” last November. Yet, Porcia sees that this is also not the reason as Brian already have a new dog named “Panchito” whom he loved so much.

“He loved the new puppy so much and wanted to be a better furparent to the new dog that he didn’t go out unless it was for work. SO, NO. WHAT HAPPENED WAS NOT BECAUSE OF THE DEATH OF HIS DOG ALFIE LAST NOVEMBER.”

She also denied that her boyfriend is taking illegal drugs and that is not the reason why Brian’s family waived the autopsy.

“He just liked alcohol. Drugs was never a consideration in the “waiving” of the autopsy. To us, we just lost someone we loved in the most tragic way.”

Also she addressed the rumor that Brian was beating her up.

“HE NEVER LAID A HAND ON ME EVER. Our worst fights were all shouting matches. Even my mom told him several times how much she admired his patience and tolerance for my brattiness.”

Read the full article of Portia Carlos Official Statement in PUSH.

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