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Bubble Gang: How To Take Pictures That Will Gain More Likes With Valeen Montenegro | March 29, 2019

by | Posted on: March 31st, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment

Watch Valeen Montenegro gave tips on how to take pictures that will give a tons of likes on your social media account.

There are many social media users utilizing the platform to gain popularity but they do having troubles on collecting likes and was not even shared.

As a result, their posted photo got pushed down in the timeline and got quickly decayed.

Bubble Gang’s host Valeen Montenegro has five tips that everyone can use especially women to help solve the issue.

  • Pic Tip 1: Magsuot ng shades
  • Pic Tip 2: Itago ang mukha sa mirror selfie
  • Pic Tip 3: Mag-dikit ng bagay sa lips
  • Pic Tip 4: Hatakin ang underwear pataas
  • Pic Tip 5: (Just watch the video above)