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Ms. Universe 2018 Catriona Gray Explores The Beauty Of Dumaguete City.

by | Posted on: December 21st, 2018 | No Comments | Pinoy Vlogger
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The winner of the Miss Universe 2018 crown Catriona Gray visits Dumaguete and gave us a glimpse of what we can do in the City of Gentle People.

This vlog was published wayback in 2016 from our new Queen or that is prior to the Miss Universe 2018 event.

Places like the Silliman University, Belfy Bell Tower and the streets of Dumaguete are some of the featured spots shown in her video.

Just like other travel vlog, Cat’s version also has the portion of food where she showcased the best of the city.

As she mentioned in her video, straight from the airport, Catriona visited the Painitan market and tried Bodbod (sticky rice) served with tango mango.

Afterwards she dropped by the Malatapy Markets which is a usual framer’s market but the main star of the place is the delicious “lechon” (roasted pig).

The last stopover she did was to visit Sans Rival where its specialty are home made desserts.

According to the comments of the 24-year-old beauty queen, visiting Sans Rival will make you forget your diet.

The Fil-Aussie also showcased the beauties of Sta. Monica Resorts and Twin Lakes or the Lake Balinsasayao/Lake Danao.

She even does kayaking in the twin lake despite of the strong wind that pushes back their small boat.

At the end of the over four-minute video, she featured the beautiful sunset.

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