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Cebu Pacific’s President And CEO Lance Gokongwei Travelled Using Philippine Airlines

by | Posted on: June 20th, 2016 | No Comments | Viral Stories
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In the Philippines, Lucio Tan is synonymous to Philippine Airlines while Lance Gokongwei is the name will come to mind if you speak Cebu Pacific, their carriers are the two well-known and the biggest commercial airlines in the Philippines, each offering up domestic as well as international routes. Each of them has its own number of disadvantages and also advantages.



Discussing of these two air company leaders in the nation, it’s already without doubt why Cebu Pacific termed its well-known mantra “Why everyone flies” since it is a truly budget-friendly airline. However, Philippine Airlines as the pioneer and also the flag carrier of the Philippines, it’s the 13th biggest company in the country with regards to profits and also is the 21st biggest when it comes to assets.

Either of these two, despite the fact that staying close competitors and not so great and sometimes encountering incidents, both of them are determined to be on the top getting the most domestic as well as worldwide traffic.

However, here is one scorching topic as Lance Gokongwei, the Cebu Pacific President seen in Davao City traveling by using rival Philippine Airlines, the other day, Sunday anticipating he would get there earlier, but yet turned up later than the schedule.

Gokongwei seen in mint blue short sleeve shirt, ready to board PAL flight PR 1817, as he was scheduled to go to a two-day consultant meeting of the country’s top businessmen as well as President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s incoming economic managers.



Gokongwei said to co-passengers that he arranged to book at the Philippine Airlines “because our (CebuPac’s) 3 p.m. flight gets delayed.

However, his Cebu Pac’s flight have also been delayed, the exact departure was set at 3 PM, but yet afterwards moved to 4:30 PM.

The aircraft, on the other hand, ended up being unable to leave the Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s Terminal 2 right up until around 5:15 p.m.

Gokongwei flew at PAL’s economy class.

The tycoon, just like any other regular travellers, was seen reading a newspaper. Gokongwei, the only son of taipan John Gokongwei, is currently the President as well as CEO of Cebu Pacific, the country’s biggest airline.


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