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Raffy Tulfo In Action: My Christmas Will Be More Merry Without You Part 1 | December 20, 2018

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Ms. Novelita Saganoy is complaining her live-in partner, they are together for twenty years.

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According to her complaint, she is constantly beaten by her partner for 19 years.

Mr. Raffy Tulfo wondered why she didn’t made a complaint much earlier so that the maltreatment done by her partner was avoided.

“Ba’t ngayon lang ho kayo nag react at hindi nyo pinakulong to sana noon pa nakakulong na’to,” Mr. Tulfo said to the complainant.

“Pinatawad ko siya dahil sabi ko baka may pagbabago ba,” she replied.

“Eh wala naman pagbabago pag lasing ganyan paulit-ulit ginagawa sa akin,” she added.

Mr. Tulfo asked Ms. Saganoy what now she wanted to happen.

“Gusto ko makipaghiwalay na lang sa kaniya,” she confidently replied.

To understand the situation, the show host made a phone call to Mr. Tomas de Lima, the live-in partner.

Then it was later found out that Mr. de Lima is OK to let go of his partner. In fact, he’s very much happy if she will be no longer connected with his life.

“Matagal ko nang pinapalayas yan, gusto kong humiwalay siya ang sunod ng sunod sa akin,” Mr. de Lima explained to Mr. Tulfo.

Watch the entire video above the know their entire story.

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The said program is hosted by “Idol” Raffy Tulfo and NiƱa Taduran as both personalities looks into mistreatment, corruption and oppression.

Wanted sa Radyo is not biased as it listen both the complainant and the complainee until the issue brought to their show got clarified. In order for the hosts to provide the best advise, they reach out to government public offices and if needed also to private sectors.

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