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CityMall Mandalagan (Bacolod) Grand Opening

by | Posted on: November 9th, 2016 | 10 Comments | Malls and Department Stores
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Located at the middle of the grand floor are the everybody’s favorite food carts. Two of my favorites, Potato Corner and Leylam Shawarma are leading the way. Any mall can’t be complete without a grocery store that’s why Save More is there to cater City Mall shoppers needs.


Since escalators are not yet in its operational mode, shoppers went to manual mode and used its stairway to reach the second floor. By the way, I’ve noticed that people are organized when using the stairway. Those who are going up using the right portion of the stairs while the left side is being used for those shoppers who are going back to ground floor.




Once you reached the second floor (via the stairway), you’ll be greeted by another “first-store-in-Bacolod”, the UNO Factory Outlet. During the opening day, UNO have a contest to those lucky shoppers. Those who who are able to accumalate a 2,000 pesos worth of purchase, a shopper is eligible to buy a Sharp Washing Machine for only 500 pesos.






10 Responses

  1. How to apply managerial position to citymall?

  2. Mary Grace Aragon says:

    How to apply managerial position?

  3. Baipao says:

    San-o ma open ya ang sa Golden Field?

  4. joel says:

    daw ang dating nya parehos sa Big R sang una nga subong opisina na sang teletech. pero matyagan ko mas mayo ni sa ya kay damo da ya tawo sa mandalagan compared sa old bacolod airport na daw hulongdon kadto-an.

  5. JunJun says:

    Sang gapon lang kami to ya kapamasyar sa City Mall pero gutok dyapon.

  6. Kathy says:

    Sa Silay ya sir wala sila plano mag open? may airport na kami da malls na lang kulang para mag nami pa gid amon syodad.

  7. Sam says:

    Double Dragon has started its investment in Negros. Soon another branch in Golden Fields, Kabankalan and Victorias will also open.

    Booming Negros 🙂

  8. Jerry says:

    Nami sang washing machine hu, barato lang.

  9. Rhea says:

    Grabe ang traffic sa Lacson pag open sang City Mall. Daw nag Masskara part 2.

  10. Ang Gwapo Sang Taga Bacolod says:

    Daw mga manul hu pagutok naman kamo da?

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