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DITO Aims To Achieve 30% Telco Market Share With The Help Of Mobile Number Portability Act

by | Posted on: March 9th, 2021 | No Comments | News

DITO Telecommunity goal is to hit the thirty percent of Philippines telco market share and they see it as achievable once the Mobile Number Portability Act got implemented.

Yesterday could be considered as the official birthdate of the third telco player in the nation where they also launched its service to select areas in Cebu and in Davao. Based on several photos shared on social media, it appears that DITO’s opening salvo was a success. The new telecommunication company also mentioned that in a few weeks their promised high-speed internet connection and probably their unlimited data promo will be also available to more consumers in Metro Manila.

According to DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel A. Tamano, a 30% market share is very possible once the tires of Republic Act No. 11202 hits the road.

“What mobile number portability does is that you can keep your number, and you are not forced to stay with the current telco that you have,” he said.

Once the law is being practiced and customers have the freedom to transfer to any network of their choice, the competition will be on telco company’s customer support.

“Now, ‘yung laban natin (the competition) will really be on the quality of service,” said Tamano.

DITO Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo D. Santiago also cited that bringing their service to the much larger population of the nation will also help them speed-up on achieving their goal.

“(But) we cannot achieve the 30% market share with just 37% (national population coverage),” he noted.

“Pinakamadali siyang ma-achieve kapag 84% na ‘yung population coverage or higher (Achieving the target is easier if we increase our population coverage to 84% or higher),” Mr. Santiago explained.