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DITO Prefer Frontliners, Subscribers As Their Brand Endorsers

by | Posted on: March 9th, 2021 | No Comments | News

DITO Telecommunity choose front-liners like doctors, nurses, and soldiers as well as their subscribers to be their brand endorsers.

That’s what Atty. Adel Tamano, the Chief Administrative Officer of the new telco company mentioned during their virtual event yesterday. He also explained why they preferred front-liners instead of celebrities.

“Trying to change the definition of celebrity, right? What is a celebrity? It’s someone you give honor to someone you give importance to, at DITO we give importance to our front-liners nga. Yung mga doctors, nurses, policemen, etc.,” he said.

“If you’re talking those celebrities as well as our subscribers and customers we’re hoping that they’re going to be happy with our service that they will be our endorsers,” he added.

Looks like that the third telco player is not only introducing a game-changing telecommunication service but also the way they promote their services to the public. The other two telco giants brand ambassadors utilizing either local showbiz personalities, Korean or Hollywood actors.

Just recently, Smart announced that Marvel Superhero actor Chris Evans is now one of their endorsers.