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DITO Telecoms List Of Prefixes 2021

by | Posted on: March 6th, 2021 | No Comments | Promo

Below is the list of prefixes from DITO Telecommunity.

List of DITO Telecommunity Prefixes

Dubbed as the third-largest telco in the Philippines, Dito Telecommunity will make its official launch this coming March 8, 2021.

With that said, many potential subscribers of the upcoming network wanted to know what will be their mobile number prefix if they go ahead and shift to Dito or maybe as their alternative number.

Surely, one of the key factors why everyone buzzing with the new telco service is its attractive offers. To name a few:

  • Unlimited on-net SMS
  • Unlimited on net Calls
  • Unlimited Data

And the biggest of them all is the promised high-speed connection.

What will be your DITO mobile number look like?

Mobile phone numbers are usually 10-digits along with the country code in them. For the Philippines country code, it’s +63 yet if you’re inside Pinas you may skip the +63 and proceed with the 10 digits number and 0 before the prefix. Please refer below for an example.

Country Code: +63
Dito prefix (unverified): 991
Unique designated (unique) number: 1234567
Your mobile number is: 09911234567 or +639911234567

The first three numbers are from your telco-assigned prefix.

What are mobile number prefixes?

As explained above, these are the four numbers before the unique or designated numbers provided to you by your telco of choice and for this example, from Dito Telecoms.

We will publish here the official prefixes of the Philippines’ newest telco player the moment they make it public. We find it necessary for our users to know in order to maximize the offer of their current subscription and take advantage of the unlimited calls, texts, or even data to surf the web or use apps that consume bytes.

Also, please bear in mind that Dito also got its own regular rates and charges.

You may also this blog post entry for the updated mobile phone prefixes in the Philippines.

Disclaimer: The above information will be constantly updated and not final.