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Dubai Ruler Spot Visit Resulted To Retirement Of Several Officials

by | Posted on: September 1st, 2016 | No Comments | News
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A surprise visit conducted by no other than the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum to their civic offices. However, the Sheikh was the one who got surprised as there’s no one around.

In a post published in Mirror, it was stated that Sheik Mohammed went to many government offices on one Sunday morning, a normal working day in the United Arab Emirates, and discovered a number of empty desks which should have been occupied by senior officers.

A video clip shot by a certain Khalifa Saeed on Twitter revealed that the media office of the government shows that Sheik was strolling alone around a lavish workplace minus the supposed officials sitting at the back of the desks.

After seeing the situation, the ruler just grabbed a small book and started flicking its pages and then said: “Mohammed Bin Rashid on a field inspection tour in Dubai this morning.”

The surprise inspection led to the retirement of nine top government officials as directed by the ruler.

The officials were named: Abdul Qader Al Jasmi, director of legal affairs, Mohammad Abdul Karim Julfar, deputy director general Eisa Al Maidoor, and assistant Director General for corporate support.

Based on Telegraph, the ruler even thanked the retired officers for their rendered service and stated that he desired to “allow a new generation of young leaders” to carry the responsibility for the next generation.

“He certainly wanted to send a message. Timeliness starts at the top and we won’t go after employees when their bosses aren’t there,” said the director-general of Dubai media office, Mona Al Merri.

The Sheikh is known to do surprise visits at 7:30 in the morning to make the tardiness of workers reduced.

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