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Duterte Camp Reported That They Were Harassed In Camiguin

by | Posted on: March 23rd, 2016 | No Comments | Politics
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Philippines most well-liked Presidential candidate particularly on social media, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was expected to hold a political rally in the island of Camiguin.



The location was said to be at the gym or at the Freedom Park however the entourage as well as the followers of Mayor Duterte were turned down in the venue, however what occurred next even more strengthen the popularity of the man from Davao.

Based on several followers of Mayor Rody Duterte in the island of Camiguin, they were informed by their local government officers to never be in the Duterte political rally which is scheduled in the island.

The representative of Mayor Rody Duterte, Mr. Peter Laviña, verified to the media that the Duterte followers were harassed as well as threatened if they take part of Duterte’s rally Camiguin.

Several netizens and also Duterte’s supporters stated that they were informed to be out of the 4Ps list, PhilHealth and also in scholarship grants once they participate in the Duterte Rally. Even vendors were also threatened and cautioned not to do business any longer once they join the said rally.

Duterte’s group, supporters as well as organizers of the rally furthermore said that the local government of Camiguin is making challenging for them to conduct the rally. The electrical power in the island was cut-off and also the provider of the sound system was also warned not to do any more business in the island.”





Because of the apparent manipulation of freedom of assembly in Camiguin, the individuals of the islands and also the followers of Davao City Mayor Duterte did something which is definitely well worth emulating. Immediately after they were declined in the venue, the people of Camiguin made an improvised stage and served as the venue of the Duterte rally in Camiguin joined by thousands of followers who happily expressed their support to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

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