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Ethel Booba Plays ‘English Only Challenge’ In Beks Battalion’s Recent YouTube Vlog

by | Posted on: December 3rd, 2020 | No Comments | Entertainment

In their recent YouTube vlog, the group “Beks Battalion,” composed of comedians MC, Chad Kinis, and Lassy, poked fun at Ethel Booba’s way of speaking in English while they are eating dinner.

As seen in the vlog’s title, “ENGLISH ONLY CHALLENGE WITH ETHEL BOOBA (NOSEBLEED SA LAPTRIP) I BEKS BATTALION,” the group spoke in English in most parts of the video as they discuss table manners and etiquette.

In a humorous way and still speaking in English, Ethel taught Beks Battalion table manners and etiquette such as how to “properly” eat soup and how to “correctly” place spoon and fork in the plate after eating in a fine dining restaurant.

A close friend of Beks Battalion, Ethel hilariously addresses the soup that is the lone food on the table at that time, saying: “So ito na pala to lahat? Nagpa-swab test pa ko para dito?”

Beks Battalion laughed frantically because of this. The group then asked someone to bring two dishes, a T-bone steak, and a burger dish, for them to feast on.

“Can I call a friend?” asked Ethel when she couldn’t explain further what she wanted to say about the dish in front of her.

Chad then asked Ethel how she would call a waiter if she would bill-out already.

Watch the full video below to know how Ethel responded to Chad’s question.