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Gloc-9 Got Bashed In Social Media After His Picture Taken From VP Binay Rally Went Viral Online

by | Posted on: March 30th, 2016 | No Comments | Politics
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A photograph nationally-renowned rap artist Gloc-9 performing on stage during the Vice President Jejomar Binay’s campaign rally is now making waves on the internet particularly in social media sites gaining unfavorable comments from netizens specifically for his legions of followers who spotted his picture being an open endorsement of the controversial presidential candidate.

The said picture that gone viral of Gloc-9 was initially posted on the Facebook Page of Senyora Santibanez who further added an interesting caption that draw a negative responses from netizens who believed that the local rapper is devoted as to what he preaches in his several songs.

The renowned Philippines rap artist shot to popularity in the Philippine music picture thanks to his great talents of mixing rap music together with culturally relevant style lyrics that usually bombarded traditional politicians who based on his tunes the causes of the Filipinos social ills.

Among the most well-known lyrics of Gloc-9 song are the following: Ang mga botanteng Pilipino ay “di mga bobo. Lumiyab pag madilim, ituwid ang tiwali.

Gloc-9 had also been instrumental for the election-themed song “Dapat Tama” that demonstrates to the Filipino voters regarding how to select the right politicians of the Philippines in election times.

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