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Google+ Will Get An Overhaul

by | Posted on: November 18th, 2015 | No Comments | Technology
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It seems that Google has partially raised its white flag to Facebook as its platform called Google+ will get an overhaul this coming months.


Launched in 2011, Google+ technically has over 2 billion users — since everyone with a Google account automatically gets their own page on the social network. However, in April it was estimated by Stone Temple that as much as 90 percent of its users have never posted anything on the platform. Using data from 516,000 accounts and extrapolating findings to the 2.2 billion-strong “userbase,” the consulting agency estimated that Google+ had around 212 million active users. For comparison, in September Facebook announced it had reached over 1 billion daily active users. – CNET

They have determined that Google+ is effective with Collections and Communities while Facebook is more on interactions with friends.

The overhauled version appears to be in beta mode, with Google allowing users to opt-into the new design on the web and Kessler promising changes over a period of months. Eventually it will be available in its complete form on both web and mobile platforms. – CNET

Source: CNET

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