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Gretchen Barretto Imitates Kris Aquino Over Threats To Nicko Falcis

by | Posted on: January 19th, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment
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The 48-year-old Gretchen Barretto teased a portion of Kris Aquino’s death threat to her former project manager Nicko Falcis.

She was with friends having fun at World PitMasters Cup 9-Cock International Derby on Friday when she took three videos and posted on her Instagram account.

“Yesterday’s 2019 world pitmasters cup 9-cock international Derby Goofing around swipe left◀️,” Barretto wrote on Friday.

On the third video, she start goofing around in front of the camera with one of her friends.

“You will be dead. Papapatay ka ng aking pamilya (My family will kill you),” she said while laughing.

Barretto leaked out the recorded audio that was confirmed to be the voice of Kris Aquino “That’s why. Gusto mong bumalik sa Pilipinas? (You want to come back to the Philippines?) Dare to step in this country and you will be killed.”

The queen of All Media acknowledged it was her fault when she threatened Falcis, but it was all out of her anger. She added that if it was an actual grave threats, then Falcis should have filed a case against her the next day.

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