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How To Check If Your Phone Is DITO Compatible

by | Posted on: March 10th, 2021 | No Comments | News

Here are the few steps you have to follow if you wanted to know if your smartphone is compatible to work with DITO SIM card.

Just a few days ago, DITO Telecommunity got officially launched and for now, their high-speed internet service is available in select areas of Cebu and in Davao.

Part of that launch is their “Welcome Offer” promo that gives a subscriber unlimited calls and texts within their network along with everyone’s favorite, the unlimited data for some limited period of time. However, as part of the rollout, the company also released a list of mobile phones where their service can work.

Then there are some netizens whose mobile devices not part of the DITO’s compatible handset list. The thing is, some of them able to manage and make it work.

In one of the latest posts of Yugatech, one of the country’s popular tech blogs, they have mentioned that the DITO SIM card can really work on any smartphone as long as it supports 4G and 5G frequencies.

Here are the steps you have to do to check if your phone is compatible with the DITO SIM card.

  1. Go to the GSMArena website.
  2. Find the search box located at the header area of the site then type your phone’s brand and model
  3. On the search result, look at the category NETWORK > Technology. If you find 4G or 5G then congratulations your mobile device can work with DITO