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Jim Paredes Admits That He Is The Person In The Video Scandal

by | Posted on: April 2nd, 2019 | No Comments | Entertainment

Jim Paredes a popular singer/songwriter in the Philippines admits that he is the person in the viral video scandal which was the talk of the netizens in social media platform yesterday.

He confirmed this through his official blog at jimparedes.com.

Paredes was unaware how the video got publicized since it is supposed to be his private property. He also mentioned that it is the work of his detractors and it’s also politics related.

“The video was real. It was private, and not meant for public consumption. I do not know how it became public. I can only surmise that in this ugly season of toxic politics, muckrakers determined to neutralize my influence by violating my privacy and digging up dirt on
me are at work.”

The 67-year-old was in a state of perplexity the moment he saw video on social media. He then later decided to come out to the open after he prayed.

“When I saw it on social media, I was in a quandary how to respond. But after mulling and praying over it, I decided to come clean. There are already too many lies and liars in this world. I do not wish to be a part of that cabal. I have chosen to be truthful because I know that painful as the truth can be, it will eventually set me free.”

Jim Paredes is also a very well-known critics of the Duterte administration.

You can read the full article of Jim Paredes from his blog regarding the issue.