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Joey Mead’s Husband Ian Angelo King Is Now Known As Angelina King

by | Posted on: July 3rd, 2016 | No Comments | Entertainment
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One of the hottest topic right now for the automobile as well as fashion fans is the Instagram posts shared by the couple Joey Mead and Ian Angelo King.


The fashion lifestlye host’s husband is the managing director of Victoria Court and a well-known car enthusiast has recently come out as a Transgender woman. She is now known as Angelina King.

The couple got married in November 2011.

Below is the picture shared by Joey on instagram with the caption: “Freedom

Freedom ..❤️

A photo posted by joeymeadking (@joeymeadking) on

Ian Angelo now known as Angelina posted the same picture but with the caption: “Best hangover cure“.

Best hangover cure ❤️ @joeymeadking

A photo posted by Ian King (@hailtothe_king) on

James Deakin one of the country’s well-known motoring journalist shared the below on his facebook page. He captioned: “So one of the car guys I look up to the most, is now a woman. Hey, if you ain’t hurting anyone and it makes you happy, it’s all the same to me. Good luck, Ian/Angie.

Angelina on the other hand responded to James’ post via twitter.

But the best photo that the couple had shared is the on the account of @hailtothe_queen. That is Ian’s second instagram account and was active since 2012.

Were so happy to be free ❤️💜💙 @joeymeadking

A photo posted by Angelina Mead King (@hailtothe_queen_) on

And this one just posted 4 hours ago.

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