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Jumar Limos Caught His OFW Wife Having An Affair With Another Man | September 18, 2019

by | Posted on: September 19th, 2019 | No Comments | Public Affairs Program

Mr. Jumar Limos visited the show of idol Raffy Tulfo in Wanted sa Radyo to make a complaint against his wife who is an OFW in Saudi Arabia.

According to his accusation, his wife Mrs. Kathleen Limos is having an affair with another man and both are exchanging love messages through social media.

Mr. Limos was in tears the moment he sat down in front of the show host most likely because his heart is breaking caused by the current situation.

Mr. Tulfo called Mrs. Limos via telephone and explained the situation as well as the request of her husband. However, it appear that the couple already had a discussion earlier and threaten her husband that if he pursued his plan to bring their issue to Wanted sa Radyo then she’ll totally leave him.

“Nag-usap na po kami niyan. Sabi ko sa kaniya pagtinuloy niya po yan hihiwalayan ko po siya. Ano pong ginawa niya, tinuloy niya po niya,” said Kathleen.

Yet, while the discussion went deeper, it was later discovered that Jumar was the one who first cheated his wife.

Watch the video above to know their whole story.